DAM Square is a town square in Amsterdam. DAM Square Amsterdam is best known for the famous buildings and frequent happenings going on in DAM Square on a regular basis. Historical sites, monuments, and range of historic hotels can all be found in DAM Square. Hotels in DAM Square Amsterdam are some of the most striking that travelers will encounter in this city. Even if you don’t plan to stay in any of the hotels in DAM Square Amsterdam, a tour of DAM Square is in order for any sightseeing trip.

The history of DAM Square Amsterdam goes back as far as the year 1270. A dam on the Amstel River (also the namesake of the city of Amsterdam) was built to connect the settlements on either sides of the river. The dam itself continued to expand and grow as the communities near it also expanded and grew. DAM Square Amsterdam and the DAM Square market originally arose both on the dam itself, as well as to the west of the dam. Eventually the Damarak, the former mouth of the Amstel River, was partially filled on either side. Since that time in the 19th century DAM Square has been surrounded by land on all sides.

Since its early days, the square has become a popular place for tourists and locals. Several times a year, Funfairs are held in the square. These events are often held on or around holidays and make for a fun evening or afternoon. As the winters continue to deepen toward the winter holidays, this square lights up the city with warm lights and plenty of happy people.

Historic buildings in the square include the Central Station, the Royal Palace, the Nieuwe Kerk, and Madame Tussand’s Wax Museum. An enormous white pillar stands as a National Monument to World War II in the square as well. Hotels in DAM Square Amsterdam include the Grand Hotel Kransapolsky, another of the most famous hotels in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands.

The square is also close to a number of Amsterdam’s other popular attractions. The Red Light District is located adjacently to the north, and the famous De Bijenkorf shopping center can be found right in the square. Nearby, the Centraal Station to Muntplein can also be located. The square is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam.

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