The city of Eindhoven is located in the province of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. Eindhoven Netherlands is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands and has a population of over 700,000 people. Many travelers come to Eindhoven because of its proximity to Amsterdam, or simply to see some of the sights that are unique to Eindhoven Netherlands. The modern looking city was rebuilt from the rubble of World War II after it was thoroughly bombed, and the Eindhoven of today has taken on a fresh new feeling.

The most reccent history of Eindhoven Netherlands begins in the 13th century, when Eindhoven officially became a city. Though small, the city had a fair number of houses and residents as well as a castle located near, but beyond, the city walls. Although fire destroyed most of these early wooden structures, the true success of the city would happen later, when Eindhoven Netherlands joined with other northern countries to defeat the Spanish and remove them from the country. Despite the fact that the city of Eindhoven Netherlands was once again destroyed for the most part in the 20th century during World War II, the people of Einhoven rebuilt the town to become a modern and cultural center of The Netherlands.

Although Eindhoven is popular in part because of its close proximity to Amsterdam, the city of Eindhoven has many of its own attractions. Two weekly markets can be found in the city center; one is open every Tuesday and the other is open every Saturday, both during the day. There are also some great shopping centers for clothing and other goods, including De Heuvel Galerie and De Bijenkorf. There are also a number of great museums for touring, including Van Abbemuseum, Philips first Incandescent Lamp Factory of 1891 and Artificial Light in Art Centre "Kunstlicht in de kunst. All three of these museums offering unique glimpse into life in the Netherlands, both past and present.

If you are planning to fly directly into Eindhoven for your vacation, you will likely be looking for Eindhoven discount air fares. Eindhoven discount air fares can usually be found by booking a travel package. A travel package will include Eindhoven discount air fares, as well as hotel accommodation and car rental, if necessary. This can be a great way to take advantage of lower rates, if you know you’ll be staying at a hotel in Eindhoven as well as flying into the city.

Side trips to Amsterdam are a popular way to spend an afternoon or take a day trip from Eindhoven. Attractions in Amsterdam include the Van Gogh Museum, check out Dam Square, the Red Light District, or take a world-famous boat ride through the canals.

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