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Tours of the Netherlands can be organized in a number of ways, and in addition to heading off on a tour of your own, the Netherlands tours through private tour companies can be an excellent way to experience the area. Private tour guides in Netherlands are available through various companies, and can provide valuable historic information to help save time and add value to your travel experience.

One of the best ways to see the Netherlands is by taking a canal tour through the city of Amsterdam. The Netherlands tours of the canals of Amsterdam can be booked through a few different companies, and travelers can book passage on either an open boat, or a boat with a glass covering to protect from the rain and wayward buckets of water dumped by kids from the bridges above the canals. Typically, canal tours will pass by Centraal Station, the Haarlemmersluis floodgates, the Cat Boat and plenty of other interesting structures and notable spots to be seen along the canals.

If you travel to the city of Rotterdam, there are also some great ways to enjoy the Netherlands tours. Private tour guides in Netherlands often take travelers on a harbor cruise. Although the cruise of the harbor is offered year round, less of the harbor can be explored during the winter months, making these winter trips a bit shorter than their summer counterparts. The tour lasts, on average, about 75 minutes and glides along the waterfront of Rotterdam. Another great tour in Rotterdam is the Pannenkoekenboot, which is a one-hour cruise of the harbor, with an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet happening during the cruise. This is a great family cruise.

Interested travelers can also find private tour guides in Netherlands for a trip through the city of Utrecht. Utrecht was once one of the more economically powerful cities in the Netherlands. Although this is no longer the case, it is a still a major historical landmark and a great place for a tour. Located in Holland, this city was first founded by the Romans as a major fortress. Many landmarks are well preserved and stand proudly alongside the more modern structures which have sprung up in more recent years.

Although there are tour possibilities in many of the Netherlands" most well-known cities, Amsterdam by far offers the most options in regards to both types of tours and the number of tours offered.



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