Rijksmuseum Garden

A trip to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a must if you plan to spend any amount of time in the city. Rijksmuseum paintings are among the most precious in the world, and are the definitive collection of works from the Dutch Golden Age. In the Rijksmuseum, travelers will find the largest collection of works by Dutch artists in the world, with featured works from the famous Rembrandt.

Museumplein Amsterdam
Museumplein Amsterdam

The structure of the Rijksmuseum itself was designed by the architect Petrus Josephus Hubertus Cuypers, who was considered to be the grandfather of modern Dutch architecture. The building was first opened in 1885, and touches of neo-Gothic and other cathedral-like ornaments were prominent in the work. At the time, the country’s leader was King William III, a staunch Protestant who did not care much for the structure due to its Catholic overtones. Despite the chilly reception the opening of the building received in the nineteenth century, citizens and travelers alike have truly grown to love the grand Rijk Museum.

For many travelers, however, it is what lies inside the Rijk Museum that makes this such a special place to visit. Rijksmuseum paintings and the collection at this museum in Amsterdam are a thoroughly unique group. One of the most famous Rijksmuseum paintings is the work known as, The Night Watch, painted by Rembrandt. Art historians marvel at this impressive seventeenth century work, while even those who can barely remember Art 101 will wonder at the magnificence and detail represented in this painting. Other famous Dutch artists with work on display at the Rijk Museum include Van Ruisdael, van Heemskerck, Frans Hals, Paulus Potter, Jan Steen, Vermeer, de Hooch, Terborch, and Gerard Dou. Travelers hoping to works by Van Gogh will want to head to the nearby Van Gogh Museum, dedicated in its entirety to Van Gogh. These museums are part of the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

In addition to the impressive Rijksmuseum paintings, there are also some interesting art pieces of other kinds on display at this museum in Amsterdam. Two fully furnished seventeenth century dollhouses are on display at the Rijk Museum. The dollhouses are truly a marvel, and are popular among both children and adults. Constructed completely to scale, the houses and the objects within them accurately reflect life in the Netherlands in the early seventeenth century. Tiny silverware and real Italian marble make these dollhouses priceless and a lovely addition to this museum in Amsterdam.

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Museumplein Amsterdam is another of the squares in Amsterdam. The Museumple...

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Rijksmuseum Garden

A trip to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is a must if you plan to spend any amo...

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