Port Of Rotterdam

Rotterdam Netherlands is a beautiful city and a popular place to visit. Located close to Amsterdam, the Port of Rotterdam has long been a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike. The Port of Rotterdam has a long history as a major place for trading during the Dutch Golden Age, and much of that same pride still can be felt at the Port of Rotterdam to this day.

The Port of Rotterdam has a history as a major seafaring city in The Netherlands. The people of Rotterdam joined with the rebellion of northern countries to throw off Spanish rule in the 17th century, but was an official city long before this war. The people of Rotterdam first became a city with all of the official rights of a city in the 14th century, and the Port of Rotterdam continued to grow up through the Dutch Golden Age.

Although Rotterdam Netherlands grew in beauty and prosperity, it was sadly bombed during World War II, and many of its oldest and lovliest structures were destroyed. The people of Rotterdam Netherlands, however, took this chance to build the city of Rotterdam Netherlands back up from the destruction. Today, travelers will find the Port of Rotterdam to be one of the most modern looking cities in the world, with fresh buildings designed in a simple Dutch style lining all of the streets.

Rotterdam Netherlands is the second largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam. Rotterdam is famous for having the largest port in Europe. Rotterdam harbor tours are one of the most popular activities in the city. There are many styles of Rotterdam harbor tours and ways to enjoy the water. A number of different dinner cruises, pancake cruises and cruises of all kinds make regular Rotterdam harbor tours.

If, instead of flying into Amsterdam, you plan a flight to Rotterdam, you will likely be looking for a Rotterdam hotel. There are plenty of great options in the city. A flight to Rotterdam will put you close to the city and close to all of the great Rotterdam action. A flight to Rotterdam can sometimes be less expensive than a flight to Amsterdam, though usually a flight to Amsterdam will be the less expensive of the two.

The city of Rotterdam has a host of great attractions to enjoy, and in addition it is in a perfect location for making side trips to Amsterdam to see the Museumplein, Dam Square, the Albert Cuypstraat Market, the Van Gogh Museum and more. Harbor tours of the Port of Rotterdam, however, are an absolute must if you spend any amount of time in the city.

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