The Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is an Amsterdam theater found in the area known as Eindhoven. The Municipal Theater has 950 seats and it the most popular place in Amsterdam to see Dutch theater and participate in the arts in the Netherlands. The Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam underwent a remodel and reopened as the Parktheater Eindhoven in January 2007.

This famous Amsterdam theater shows locally produced and written Dutch plays, as well as an occasional international play, usually in Dutch but sometimes in English. Both classic and modern plays are performed here at the Amsterdam Theater, and every once in a while opera and ballet also makes a showing. On the grounds, the original baroque theatre which was built in 1894 still stands, though all that remains are parts of the building that were not destroyed in an historical fire.

Seeing a show at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam. Though many of the shows at the Amsterdam Theater are meant for an adult audience, there are actually quite a number of youth theater performances, as well. The building itself is beautiful and seeing a show is one of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam in the winter when the days start to shorten. Dressing up as a family and heading to the theatre for one of the youth theater performances is a great way to spend an evening in Amsterdam.

Most of the shows at this Amsterdam Theater will start around 8 pm. The theater is open year round, with a calendar that changes yearly. The calendar is posted online, and travelers can purchase tickets in advance or on-sight once they have arrived in Amsterdam. Another of the fun things to do in Amsterdam at the theater is learn a bit about the history of this famous place. Originally opened in 1638, the original all-wood theater would later burn down, prompting the construction of a new all-wood theater, which also burnt down. The theater that stands today was first opened in 1894. Most of the shows are held in the theater’s main hall, known as Grote Zaal. There are also a couple of special locations, including the Rotonde (Roundabout) and the foyers. Future renovations will provide the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam with a Vlakke Vloer Zaal (flat floor hall). The Toneelgroep Amsterdam is the theater’s theater company in residence, and is the most important theater group of its kind in the country.

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