The Hague

After Amsterdam and Rotterdam, The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands. The Hague is a modern city with all of the conveniences you might expect from any upscale metropolis. The Hague Netherlands can be a great day trip from Amsterdam, although many travelers choose to stay at Hague hotels and do their sightseeing each day from The Hague. Although Amsterdam is the national capital, The Hague Netherlands is where you will find the national government, and in past years was also where you would find the residences of the Dutch monarchs.

The history of The Hague is unique in The Netherlands. The Hague Netherlands was a small town, smaller than its neighbors, and when its larger neighbors in the 13th century could not decide on a town for their administrative headquarters, they chose the tiny town of The Hague as a compromise. As such, strict rules were enforced regarding the size of the town and the number of people who could live there. When the nations of The Netherlands joined forces to defeat the Spanish in later year, The Hague was occupied by the Spanish for many years before being ousted. Although The Hague Netherlands has not grown to the size of some of its larger neighbors, its interesting history and prime location make The Hague Netherlands a popular place to stay while on vacation.

There are a number of great attractions in The Hague. The Hague city maps are a good way to get started. The Hague city maps can be found online and in stores before you travel, or in person at the visitor’s center, where The Hague city maps are often available free of charge. Due to the fact that The Hague has been a central location for the residences of monarchs over the years, a number of beautiful palaces are located in the city. Additionally, travelers will want to check out The Hague Municipal Museum, the Inner Court (Binnenhof) and the Hall of the Knights (Ridderzaal).

In order to see all of these attractions, some travelers choose to take advantage of The Hague vehicle rental. The Hague vehicle rental is a good choice if you plan to do a lot of driving. Since many travelers use The Hague as a base for sightseeing all over the Netherlands, The Hague vehicle rental is popular among tourists who stay in the city. Car rental companies are available in Hague. Travelers should note that The Hague, along with the rest of the Netherlands, has a high volume of traffic. The number of drivers on the roads is quite dense compared to the amount of space available, and driving can sometimes be a stressful, rather than relaxing, way to travel. There are also some good options for train transport and good bike lines for pedestrian travel.

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