Utrecht Hotels

Hotels in Utrecht range in price from budget to more expensive. The city is somewhat large for the Netherlands and has both big chain hotels and smaller privately owned hotels Utrecht.

Cheap Hotels in Utrecht

Finding cheap hotels in Utrecht isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Although the city is a bit of a sprawling metropolis compared to some other cities in the Netherlands, it is still possible to find a deal. The good news is that even the most inexpensive hotels in Utrecht are likely to be clean and neatly kept. You won’t find many dumps or places that make you uncomfortable. Basic accommodation will be available, and usually you will have your own bathroom as well as your own room and basic hotel amenities. For instance, the Hostel Strowis, a lovely hostel run by a group of clever ex-squatters who bought their building to start this initiative, is a great place to stay if your are on a budget and need a hotel Utrecht.

Luxury Hotel Utrecht

In addition to the less expensive hotels in Utrecht, there are also plenty of choices for travelers who are looking for luxurious accommodation. Luxury accommodation will be along the lines of what you might expect from a European spa. Many of these more expensive hotels, like their less expensive counterparts, are located in the heart of the city. One such hotel is the Park Plaza hotel in Utrecht. The Park Plaza hotel in Utrecht is a newer hotel that lives up to all of its four-star glory. Amenities at the Park Plaza hotel in Utrecht include air conditioning, analogue telephone with modem hook – up, wireless internet, safety deposit box, mini bar and a trouser press. There is also a gym and sauna, which are complimentary for hotel guests. Parking is available and at a charge.

Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is another popular way to stay. You will of course have a full breakfast served up each morning of your stay, and many of the Bed and Breakfasts are found in cozy 17th century buildings which add to the charm of the experience. You can book these accommodations in person or in advance. Note that some bed and breakfasts do have shared bathrooms, so if this is a concern for you be sure to check in advance. One great option is the Hostel B&B Utrecht, a crazy place with free internet, free food, sometimes free beer, and is a 10 minute walk from the Central Station.

Utrecht hotels are mostly modern, with a few cozy relics from the Dutch Golden Age left to make the city feel comfortable. If you find yourself in need of a hotel Utrecht last minute, you can also book a hostel in person, where you will usually find rooms available. Sometimes booking last minute at a chain hotel can get you a better deal, as well.

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