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Deciding when to visit the Netherlands can depend greatly on what you plan to do once you are there. Many cyclists hope to visit The Netherlands during the summer or spring to enjoy biking through the country, as much of the area is quite friendly to bikers and trails are well marked. Other travelers plan to visit The Netherlands during a holiday festival such as Christmas or the solstice celebration. Weather in the Netherlands is quite extreme, so knowing a bit about it before you travel to The Netherlands can be helpful.

Travel to The Netherlands during the summer is, for many tourists, the best way to experience the area. During the summer, the weather is warm and activities such as an Amsterdam canal tour or Port of Rotterdam Harbor tour are easily arranged and enjoyed. Travel to the Netherlands, however, will also often be one of the most expensive times to travel, since travel during this time is so popular. By booking early or taking advantage of Netherlands vacation packages, however, you can sometimes still find a deal for travel during the summer.

Travel during the winter can reveal a different side of The Netherlands. Some travelers head north by taking a cruise. There are a number of cruise companies offering cruises that end in The Netherlands, but stop even further north in the winter to enjoy the Northern Lights. For many of the villages furthest north, the return of the sun is an appropriately enormous celebration and is accompanied by plenty of merry-making and fun. Festivals about during this time of the year, and the cities of The Netherlands can take on an incredibly cozy appeal during the winter.

Some travelers choose their travel time based on the cost of travel. Netherlands vacation packages are one way to find good deals on flight, hotel accommodation and sometimes car rental. Netherlands vacation packages can usually be found online, although they are also available through various travel agents. A Netherlands travel package will include discount air travel, as well as hotel accommodation and car rental, if necessary. This can be a great way to take advantage of lower rates, especially if you know where you plan to stay once you are in The Netherlands.

Tulip lovers will want to visit The Netherlands in the spring, since, as many flower enthusiasts are aware, Holland is the birthplace of the tulip. In the spring, fields upon fields of tulips being sold for commercial sale can be toured, and many private residences will also be sporting their own tulips for the season.

When planning your vacation to The Netherlands, you’ll want to consider whether you’re traveling for the cultural sights, general festivals, outdoor adventures, or a combination of all three. Weather, discount travel, and local events are all factors when choosing when to visit one of the world’s most unique and exciting countries.

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