Norway, the home of vast countryside and rugged coastline separated by enormous fjords and thousands of islands, is found in the western area of Scandinavia in Northern Europe. Norway shares its borders with Finland, Sweden, Russia, the Skagerak, the North Sea, and the Norwegian Sea. Along with the beautiful rugged coastline, magnificent mountains, and fascinating glaciers, Norway has 50,000 islands to explore.

Norway Vacation Packages
Norway Vacation Packages

There are many reasons families choose Norway vacations including at the top of the list, long warm summer days, quiet small cities, unique fishing villages, and a variety of Norway attractions such as Viking ships and medieval churches.

Norway is unlike other European countries in the fact that it has a variety of scenic views including the frozen tundra’s, the Western Fjords of Norway, magical forests, and warm sunny beaches. This gives Norway the ability to offer visitors Norway tours, Norway cruises, Norway vacations, and a vast array of Norway attractions.

Norway travel offers an array of opportunities no matter what type of climate or weather you enjoy from water activities to mountain climbing. When considering a Norway vacation you will need to know a bit about the various locations. Norway is divided into sections, which includes Northern Norway including Svalbard, Fjord Norway, Trondelag, Eastern Norway, and Southern Norway each with their own unique breathtaking views and exciting adventures.

Northern Norway is home to primitive arctic wilderness with majestic mountain areas along with the beauty of awesome glaciers. Northern Norway is known for its narrow fjords, alpine mountains, tundra, and wilderness. In the northern section of Norway along with Svalbard, the sun vanishes by the end of November but this is when adventurous souls can experience the enchanted Northern Lights. Norway cruises are one of the best ways in which to enjoy the beauty of nature all around this area of Norway.

Fjord Norway comprises the most popular Norway travel spots. If you look at our Norway map, the Fjord region lies all along the western coast of Norway. Here you will most likely agree with a recent survey that the fjords of Norway are the most popular word heritage sites with a vast world of waterfalls, fruit orchards, and spectacular views.

Trondelag is the center of Norway offering a rich history with beautiful countryside dotted with salmon rivers, villages, agriculture, and adventurous Norway travel opportunities. This region of Norway offers a rocky coastline in the north, mysterious forests at the Swedish border and a huge mountain area in the south.

Eastern Norway maybe the best region to step back into the past while enjoying the comforts of modern activities with medieval farms and dark dense forests and modern adventures such as skiing in the mountains.

Southern Norway is the home of natural inland settings, quaint coastal villages, and the busy and exciting capital of Norway, Oslo.

From Norway cruises, Norway vacations, Norway attractions, Norway tours, you are sure to enjoy all that Norway travel has in store for your next exciting family vacation.



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