Airports in Norway

The numerous airports in Norway make traveling to the land of fjords a simple task. With more than 50 airports across the country, reaching even the northernmost points of the country is possible by air. Domestic flights make travel within the country a breeze as well. The Oslo airport is of course the main option, receiving both international and domestic flights. From the capital city, there are dozens of flights every day to other popular domestic locations. Other types of transportation available include trains, buses, and renting a car, but air travel remains the easiest method to make the most of your trip to Norway.

Most trips to Norway will begin at the Oslo airport. Oslo Airport Gardermoen is located 28 miles north of the capital city and serves more than 100 domestic and international destinations. An express train runs from the airport directly into the center of Oslo. Other transportation options include express buses, local trains, taxis, and rental cars. Many domestic flights in Norway originate from or are heading for Oslo airport, so no matter what part of the country you are in, most likely you will be able to catch a flight back to the capital city without too much hassle.

Regarded as the cultural capital of Norway, Bergen is another popular destination for travelers. The Bergen airport is only a 50-minute flight from the capital, and unlike other Norwegian destinations outside Oslo, the Bergen airport operates international as well as domestic flights. Thus it is possible for visitors to reach Bergen without first arriving in Oslo. Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt all have direct access to this Norwegian city, and budget airlines have expanded their service to the Bergen airport, including flights originating in Paris, Berlin, and Prague.

The airport in Stavanger also has some options for international flights. Flights to Oslo and Bergen are very common, and flights from destinations such as London and Copenhagen are growing in frequency. London is only a two-hour flight from Stavanger, making this Norwegian destination very accessible for visitors from elsewhere in Europe and beyond. While domestic flights are a popular option, cruises are even more popular. Air transportation is quick and efficient, but travelers don’t get to see any of the landscapes in between destinations; a cruise along the Norwegian coast reveals the fjords, snow-capped mountains, and waterfalls that the country has become famous for.

Other airports in Norway help visitors to explore the further stretches of the country. The charming town of Alesund with its Art Nouveau architecture has a nearby airport, Tromso in the north (a location known for great displays of the Northern Lights) has its own airport, and even the North Cape, at the far tip, of Norway has an airport that receives domestic flights. The Olympic town of Lillehammer has been well-served by transportation since the implementation of infrastructure for the 1994 games, which included an airport. Whether you want to ski, bicycle, kayak, or see wildlife in its natural environment, the airports in Norway can help get you to your desired location quickly.



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