Alesund, Norway combines spectacular landscapes with beautiful architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the best displays of Art Nouveau style architecture in Norway. Located in the fjord district of southwest Norway, Alesund has been drawing visitors searching for a glimpse into the country’s undisturbed beauty. Recent years have seen an increase in the number of travelers to the region who have been drawn by hiking, picturesque fishing communities, and a thriving furniture industry. An Alesund vacation can be filled with tours of nearby fjords, views of the towering peaks of the nearby Sunnmore Alps, and a museum featuring Art Nouveau architecture.

Travel to Alesund Norway is simple once you’ve done your research. For visitors with less time to spare for the journey, an airport is in close proximity to Alesund. Alesund Airport Vigra is only a twenty-minute drive from the city center. Flights from Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim are very common; while flights from London Gatwick, Copenhagen, and Riga Latvia are also possibilities. If you want to plan an Alesund vacation, you may want to begin by exploring the capital city of Oslo. From Oslo, domestic flights to Alesund are available and will save you a ten-hour bus journey.

Travel to Alesund Norway is easiest by air, but it can also be done by rail or bus. The closest rail station is 75 miles away in Andalsnes. From here, a bus connection, of which there are five per day, can be taken to Alesund. Alternatively, an express bus can be taken from Oslo, though that still takes ten hours. If you’re looking for a less stressful method of transportation or want to maximize your time in this region of Norway, there are also many boats that tour the region. Boats and car ferries stop at islands large and small, allowing passengers to take in all the scenery on the journey. Cruises are also a popular choice for exploring the various fjords, animal sanctuaries, and scenery of the area.

If you’re looking for the center of Art Nouveau in Norway, you must travel to Alesund. The National Art Nouveau Center is located here, and it showcases the unique architectural style of turrets, spires, and intricate ornamentation. Many visitors plan an Alesund vacation just to experience the unique architecture, and they are pleasantly surprised by the other offerings of the city. Nearby is the Geirangerfjord, a spectacular nine-mile fjord that draws visitors from around the world for cruises, fishing, canoe trips, and rafting. Alesund itself consists of seven islands connected by sub-sea tunnel connections. Aspoy and Norvoy are where the city center is located, while other islands are more residential.

When you travel to Alesund Norway, you’ll learn how a single event in history drastically changed the future of the city. In 1904, the city, primarily made of wood at the time, burned to the ground in a massive fire. The Kaiser of Germany had a fondness for the region of Norway where he spent his vacations, and so he helped in the reconstruction, providing materials and builders. The Art Nouveau period was at its peak, resulting in the seaport of Alesund becoming known over time as a beautiful concentration of this type of architecture. Notably, the city also has one of the most important fishing harbors in the country. If you travel to Alesund Norway, expect fresh and delicious cuisine, charming architecture, and the opportunity to see a variety of breathtaking landscapes.

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