Alesund Hotels

Alesund hotels offer travelers a chance to stay in a unique city during their trip to Scandinavia. Built on a series of islands, Alesund is a major harbor, as well as one of the most charming cities in Norway. Anyone planning to visit this gorgeous city will find that each hotel in Alesund offers a variety of amenities and accommodation choices for their guests, from youth hostels to fishermen’s cabins to luxurious hotels. This array provides plenty of opportunities to find the perfect place to stay to complement your visit to Alesund, whatever your reason for traveling.

The many Alesund Hotels include ice hotels, spa resorts, mountain cottage hotels, and contemporary hotels with updated modern décor. Visitors traveling to Alesund on business can arrange for a conference or meeting at Alesund accommodation that offers event planning and services along with the standard lodging and amenities. Among the best hotels in Alesund include the Rica Parken, Rica Scandinavie, the Thon Hotel, and the Rezidor (pictured...formerly the Radisson SAS), and all are lovely places to stay.

Outdoor adventurers will appreciate the diversity of cottages, campgrounds, farm stay options, and fishermen’s cabins. Just as with hotels, campsites in Norway are awarded classifications from one to five stars, and visitors can choose from tent sites and cabins, featuring kitchens, full baths, and televisions. Guslandstranda and Prinsen Camping are two of the most well known campgrounds.Campers are responsible for bringing their own necessities, and while prices vary with star ratings, the general timings range from 7 am to 11 pm to 24-hour service. Many campgrounds require patrons to be camp card holders; this can be either Camping Card Scandinavia or Camping Card International.

Staying on a farm is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as interacting with farm animals, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, boating, and biking. In addition to being an unusual option for Alesund accommodation, visitors will enjoy home-cooked meals as well as an intimate experience with the locals, who can often help with travel advice. Strind Farm, for instance, is very popular in the summer season.

Rorbus are cabins located within the fishing villages; this type of hotel in Alesund offers year-round availability, coming in various types from humble lodgings to updated and modern. Either one offers plenty of opportunities to relax and fish, whether you choose to fish from a pier or on a local fisherman’s boat. Cottages are often located in wooded areas, valleys, mountains, and coastal areas, close to the charms of natural surroundings. Travelers on a budget can live very comfortable in a simple cottage, while those in need of a more luxurious Alesund accommodation can opt for higher standards with inclusive amenities and services. Cabins and cottages can be reserved in a number of different ways, including professional rental services and through travel agents.

A limited budget can at times be difficult to accommodate, as Norway is not one of the cheapest countries to visit, but travelers will find that with a little research, there is something for everyone. Youth hostels, bed and breakfasts, austere cottages, and modest fishermen’s cabins are not only some of the least expensive accommodations, but they often offer the most personal experiences for visitors. Two organizations manage all of the hostels in the country, Hostelling International and VIP Backpackers Resorts International, and guests can opt for a dormitory bed or a double room. Bed and breakfasts are a great way to meet locals and fellow travelers as well as save a bit of money for activities. When searching for a private room, travelers can visit a tourist office or keep an eye out for signs along the roads with the word “rom” or “husrom.”

The Fjord Pass is a hotel pass offering travelers discounts at an extensive list of hotels and other accommodations in Norway. Whether you will be staying at a hotel in Alesund or one of the many other types of accommodations, visitors are sure to have an incredible experience awaiting them. This pass option is an excellent choice for travelers who plan to spend time exploring multiple cities and areas of Norway during their vacation, as it can help save money as well as give some ideas for hotels to research before your trip.

Whether you’re visiting Alesund for its Art Nouveau architecture or as part of a larger fjords tour or cruise around Norway, you’re sure to find that there are plenty of Alesund hotels to suit you, no matter what your taste and budget might be. This lovely port city is a delightful place to stay, and it’s well worth including on the itinerary for any Scandinavian vacation.

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