Bergen Hotels

Bergen hotels are great places to stay for anyone traveling to the oft-called cultural capital of Norway. As the second-largest city in the country, Bergen is a popular destination and offers a great deal of variety in accommodations for travelers of every kind, so early reservations are recommended to ensure your choice of hotels, especially once tourist season is in full swing when summer approaches. Overall, whether travelers are on a budget or in a mood to splurge on lodgings, there are Bergen accommodation options for everyone.

Traveling on a tight budget does not always make for easy planning, but visitors will easily find plenty of Bergen hotels at affordable prices. Among these are hostels, apartments, budget hotels, and guesthouses. The Bergen YMCA, Marken Gjestehus, and the Bergen Montana Family and Youth Hostels are three very clean, friendly, and inexpensive options for accommodations where patrons can meet a host of other travelers and locals. Located in the university area, the Crowded House is a cheap Bergen hotel with 33 comfortable rooms. Jacob’s Apartments, near the railroad station, and Stolesmauet Guesthouse and Apartments, in the heart of historic Bergen, also provide guests with a comfortable home away from home. Intermission, a Christian hostel near the railroad station that is open only during the summer months, is probably the cheapest Bergen accommodation, and as a bonus, guests can sample traditional cakes and waffles here every Monday and Thursday evening.

For a somewhat higher price, visitors can book a hotel in Bergen with a bit more luxury as well as completely private rooms. Among the most well-known mid-range Bergen hotels are Thon Rosenkrantz, Thon Bergen Brygge, Rica Hotel Bergen, and Scandic Bergen City. Located behind the Bryggen, the Rosenkrantz offers a buffet dinner every evening throughout the year, excluding the summer months. Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge can be found in the historic part of downtown, and its prices are at the low end of the mid-range spectrum, making it a good choice for travelers who are trying to save money but would prefer a private room to a hostel. Offering plenty of facilities and amenities, the Rica is a business hotel in Bergen, while the Scandic Bergen City is a centrally located lodging option with a nearby spa, fitness center, and movie theater.

While saving money is on many travelers’ minds, some Norwegian vacations call for a bit of a splurge, and there are several options for luxury in Bergen hotels. While there are plenty of exclusive hotels, Clarion and Radisson are two of the biggest names for luxury in this city. Within the city of Bergen, Clarion manages three branches: the Clarion Hotel Bergen Airport, a contemporary terminal lodging; Clarion Hotel Admiral, located near the center of town; and Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret, one of the newest and finest options for a hotel in Bergen, which is located next to the Bryggen, the world renowned waterfront uniquely lined with buildings. The Radisson SAS Hotel Norge and the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Bryggen (pictured) are two of the most exclusive hotels in Bergen, meeting high standards with their accommodation and offering a host of amenities; the Hotel Bryggen is actually found within the Bryggen itself.

Finding the right Bergen accommodation to suit your vacation is simply a matter of knowing your needs and budget, and of doing a little research. For instance, though apartments are an excellent deal for groups, they may not be the best for single or double travelers. Should you require luxury and amenities during your vacation in Bergen, making reservations as a Clarion or Radisson SAS may be the best choice. From budget to luxury, Bergen hotels offer a wide selection of options to suit every visitor, ensuring that all visitors to this lovely city can find their ideal accommodations.

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