Norway Bike Tours

Norway bike tours expose travelers to the majesty of fjords, mountains, and national parks in this lovely country. With options available for people looking for a leisurely ride or adventurous travelers looking for a challenge, Norway is the perfect location to break any lazy vacation habits and get outdoors. A bicycle tour in Norway allows you to see more of the landscape more quickly than other adventure activities. Hiking is another favorite pastime in Norway, but bikes typically allow you to pack more into your vacation. The variety you’ll encounter on mountain bike tours in Norway may only compare with the variety you’ll see cross-country skiing. Entire packages can be designed around cycling, though some adventure packages do combine other activities such as kayaking and fishing. Whether you’d like to bike for an afternoon or a week, there is an option for you.

One of the most popular locations for Norway bike tours is Rallarvegen. Called the Navy Road, this route exposes cyclists to the beauty of the Sognefjord. More than 20,000 cyclists traverse this route during the short season of July through September. Mountain bike tours in Norway, along with independent cyclists, commonly spend time on this trail. One benefit of joining a tour group is the safety gained from knowledge of the cycling conditions. Local experts know when trails might be too wet or dangerous to guarantee safe conditions, and they can choose an appropriate itinerary for a group. A bicycle tour in Norway can also be individually tailored for families or groups. Other popular tours include cruises of the fjords, wildlife tours, and tours that focus on fishing, specifically in the salmon-rich rivers of Norway.


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