Norway Bicycling

Of all the adventure activities available in Scandinavia, Norway mountain biking combines thrills with scenery in a unique way. While some activities focus more on the adventure or the landscape, Norway bicycling allows you to take the terrain at your own pace and experience a variety of scenery all from the seat of a bike. If you want to bring your own bike, you're welcome to, but there are plenty of Norway bike rentals as well. Whether you want to rent a bike for independent exploration or join up with a tour group and have a guide lead the way, the well-marked trails of Norway’s national parks will be an excellent location for cycling.

Cycling in Norway frequently exposes visitors to some of the most spectacular scenery the country has to offer. From narrow fjords to snow-capped mountains to plunging waterfalls, these landscapes can be explored with a bike. One of the best places to cycle in the country is near the famous Sognefjord. Rallarvegen, the Navy Road, is a common route for cyclists. More than 20,000 cyclists traverse this route during the short season of July through September. At 50 miles in length, Rallarvegen follows the Bergen railway from mountains down to the stunning fjord. Norway mountain biking is at its best along this beautiful stretch.

Norway bicycling often takes place in the protected national parks. Dovrefjell National Park is a popular place to cycle, but it is also fairly strenuous. It is recommended that cyclists who undertake the trails in this park are well-equipped and experienced. Great views of the mountains and the opportunity to see wildlife such as the rare musk ox attract cyclists to this area. Visitors are reminded not to get close to the animals, however, as they can be quite dangerous. Capable of running up to 35 miles an hour, you won’t be able to quickly escape them on your bike.

Lake Mjosa and the Olympic town of Lillehammer is another popular location for Norway bike rentals. Norway’s largest lake has a bike route that goes around the entire perimeter. Norway bicycling, especially in this area, is most popular during the short summer season of July through September. Otherwise, many areas that cyclists enjoy during the summer are covered in snow and transformed into a skiing paradise. Whether you prefer the downhill or cross-country variety, there are many opportunities for skiing throughout the country. Norway bicycling can be unsafe in wet conditions, so it is always wise to stay off the trails if you are advised to do so for safety reasons.

Norway mountain biking can be enjoyed with a tour group under the safety of a qualified guide. These tours are offered in a variety of languages, and some are appropriate for families. For a less strenuous bike trip, consider bike rentals in Oslo. City bikes are available throughout the capital city for a very low price, and have numerous stations where you can return your bike rental. This independent program is an efficient way to explore the city without having to use public transit. Similar programs are available in Bergen and Trondheim. Norway bike rentals are most popular in the summer, although you may see locals still using the bikes during cold winter months.


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