Norway Cruises

Norway cruises are currently the most popular way to explore the country, and it's easy to see why: Stunning fjords, powerful waterfalls, and white-capped mountains can all be enjoyed from the deck of the boat. A cruise to Norway can also include excursions that allow you to get up close to the landscape. Kayaking, fishing, hiking, and bicycling all offer great opportunities to get off the boat and get lost in the landscape. The long coastline of Norway offers many ports of call, a variety of landscapes, and even the chance to see the one of the most coveted sights in the country, the Northern Lights.

Fjords cruises in Norway have grown in popularity over the past several decades. While some cruises are only offered in the summer months, from July through September, there are many cruises offered year-round. These options may not traverse some of the narrower arms of the fjords, but you will still experience the exceptional beauty of the Norwegian coastline. Norway cruises can be intimate and luxurious, or large and basic. Depending on your budget and accommodation preferences, there is a choice affordable for most travelers.

The four seasons in Scandinavia all have their own charm, and there are excellent reasons to cruise to Norway in each of them. During the spring, visitors can see the fruit trees blossoming along the journey, while cruising during October gives tourists a better chance to see the Northern Lights. Fjords cruises in Norway are most crowded during the summer months, when there is the largest number of vessels along the coastline. Depending on the length of your vacation, you could cruise all the way to the North Cape, where Norway’s northernmost city is located.

The best Norway cruise for most travelers is one that features a variety of landscapes, offers opportunities for shore excursions, and exposes guests to the pleasure of the Northern Lights. February, March, and October are the best months for viewing this phenomenon, though Norway cruises are just one option to see them; you could also choose to go on a snowmobile safari or go dog sledding. A cruise to Norway can also include visits to glaciers and national parks, giving guests the opportunity to step onto the neon-blue glacier and go for a stroll. The farther north the cruises go, the more exotic the wildlife becomes. Cruises that visit the Svalbard Islands sail by polar bears and seals in their natural environment.

Fjords cruises in Norway are transforming the way people are seeing this Scandinavian country. Package prices let tourists know ahead of time the cost of their trip, including accommodation, food, and some excursions. Being able to plan ahead makes these cruises more accessible than independent travel, where unexpected costs can arise. Booking a cruise in advance also helps to secure the best fare. Cruising under the midnight sun offers a truly unique vacation, and the dramatic scenery you encounter from the beginning of your time in Norway to the end is guaranteed to thrill even the most seasoned travelers.



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