Dovrefjell is home to two national parks in Norway: Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park and Dovre National Park. This harsh mountain environment is the ideal location for adventure enthusiasts. During the summer, cycling and hiking are popular, and in the winter, cross-country skiing dominates the list of outdoor activities. This national park in Norway is recommended only for travelers who are well-equipped and experienced, as weather conditions can be unstable and there are substantial areas with no staff to assist you in case of an emergency. If you do visit Dovrefjell Norway, popular activities include fishing, kayaking, and climbing. With a reasonable level of fitness and safety precautions, Dovrefjell National Park is yours to explore. Located a five-hour drive from Oslo, six hours from Bergen, and three and a half hours from Trondheim, a visit to this park can be part of a larger tour of Norway.

Hiring a guide or joining a tour group is something to consider for those who want to explore Dovrefjell but aren’t confident about their wilderness skills. The landscapes of the mountains, located on the barrier between northern and southern Norway, are spectacular. For wildlife enthusiasts, the flora and fauna of this national park in Norway will be a strong attraction. Rare birds including the golden eagle thrive in this area, as does the musk ox. Many travelers arrive in Dovrefjell Norway just to see this strange ancient creature. Safaris are arranged daily during the summer season for visitors who are interested in seeing the animal. While they may look large and clumsy, they can be extremely dangerous, so it is advised to join a safari or stay a safe distance away if you are hiking independently, as the musk ox can run at a top speed of more than 35 miles per hour. For those more interested in the flora of the region, beautiful mountain birch is present. Cranberries, cloudberries, and wildflowers of all colors and shapes brighten up any hike in the park.

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