Norway Eco Tours

A majority of the local tourism is ecotourism in Norway. The sheer beauty of the unspoiled country keeps people coming to see the fjords, waterfalls, mountains, Northern Lights, and islands. Norway eco tours dominate the tourism industry in the country, as the landscapes themselves are the major draw. While it is exciting to explore on your own, one benefit of joining an eco tour in Norway is the knowledge local guides will share with you. You will be able to feel the fjords come to life with the stories from the educated guides, who will bring you back thousands of years to describe how the landscapes took shape during the ice age. These facts might make Norway ecotourism even more interesting for kids and families. The national parks of the country, including Jotunheimen and Jostedalsbreen, are popular locations for Norway eco tours. From the spring fruit blossom to the amazing wildflowers, the natural magnificence of the national parks will impress.

Norway ecotourism takes preservation very seriously. Locals appreciate the country's natural gifts and try earnestly to preserve it for future generations. Visitors are asked for their help in this matter, especially in removing all trash that they bring in during trips to the parks, forests, and fjords. Littering is considered an unacceptable habit in Norway, and visitors should contribute to the conservation efforts in place. An eco tour in Norway can expose travelers to rare plants, flowers, and animals. If you’re interested in wildlife, there are plenty of tour options to show you penguins, seals, and even polar bears in their natural habitats. Bird watching is another popular activity. Whether you hop on board a ferry for a tour of a fjord or take to the trails to explore the national parks, an eco tour will help you to understand the beauty and history of the landscapes in this part of Scandinavia.

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