Fjords of Norway

The Fjords of Norway are a much sought after vacation area due to the fact the Norway Fjords were carved from the hard rock mountains along the coastline by slow moving glaciers. The Norway Fjords offer a breath-taking view of magnificent steep cliffs, lush green slopes, and snow capped mountaintops. Along with the beauty and unbelievable views, Fjords of Norway are home to a secret. In 2000 along the bottoms of the Norwegian Fjords a few of the worlds, largest coral reefs were discovered.

An adventure awaits the traveler that wishes to see the best-unspoiled travel destination in the world as voted by National Geographic Traveler Magazine and one of the Seven Wonders of Nature as stated by the Chicago Tribune. One of the most popular ways in which to grasp what the Fjords of Norway really are is by taking one of the many Norway Fjords tours.

Norway Fjords tours are various in what they offer and the way in which you will travel. The most popular travel opportunities to see Fjords of Norway are by boat, by sky, by rail, by car, and even by foot. Cruise ships and small vessels are available for Norway Fjords tours, which is often the choice of many visitors that wish to get as close to the Fjords as possible. However, if you travel by water you will not be able to experience the beauty seen above on the lofty cliffs, which is one great aspect of hiking. Hiking Norway Fjords tours are also available for those that wish to get really close to the natural habitat of the Norway Fjords. By plane or helicopter is one way to get atop of the high rugged cliffs if you desire a tour from the sky. Finally yet importantly is a Norway fjord tour by rail. The most popular train trip begins in Bergen and takes you through the upper portions of Aurlandsfjord before you reach your destination in Flam.

The most popular Norway Fjords villages that you must visit while touring Norway include Bergen, Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, and Lysefjorden.

Bergen is one town in Norway that is so scenic it is one place that you will wish to visit time and time again. Year round attractions, the International Music Festival, Edvard Grieg’s historic home, majestic Fjords, towering mountains, and spectacular waterfalls are just a few of the reasons.

Sognefjord is a Norway village that is home just 45 miles north of Bergen. Visitors enjoy the natural untouched beauty of Fjords with one favorite known as Naeroyfjord. Naeroyfjord is very narrow with cliffs reaching to the heavens, which is one wonder that you will not soon forget.

Geirangerfjord is home north of Sognefjord quite a distance, however, this Norway village is one that Norwegians are proud to call one of the most beautiful Fjords in all of Norway. Seven Sisters waterfall is a must see along with several other tall cascading waterfalls. Geirangerfjord is one of the popular destinations of cruise ships.

Hardangerfjord is a quiet Norway village south of Bergen offering orchards, low lying farms, and grazing slopes, which is quite different that the awe you feel with the high rugged cliffs of other Fjords. If you are searching for a rural small Norway village atmosphere then Hardangerfjord is the perfect place to relax. Hardangerfjord is home south of Bergen.

Lysefjorden is home to one of the greatest sights in the Norway Fjords region south of Bergen known as Pulpit Rock. In order to view the Pulpit Rock you will have to do a bit of hiking up a hill. Once on top, your heart will stop at the spectacular fjord that is 2,000 feet below.

When you begin your travel trips, you will have to decide what type of Norway fjord tours you would enjoy while making sure you put a few of the Norway villages at the top of your list.



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