Norway Flights

No matter what time of year you fly to Norway, you’re ensured a fun-filled vacation in a country steeped in history and filled with a variety of activities and adventure. For most travelers, Norway flights are the cheapest and most convenient option for their vacation, and luckily, they’re also fairly easy to find.

Whether you plan to fly to Norway during the summer or winter months, for a weekend or for an extended vacation, there are several airlines from which to choose. Depending on how flexible your travel dates are, and on which day of the week and time of year you are traveling, cheap flights to Norway are often an option for the budget-minded traveler.

Airlines providing both direct and indirect Norway flights include major carriers such as Continental, SAS, KLM, British Airways, Norwegian, and Qantas. And whether you are interested in booking a direct Oslo flight or your plans include flying locally within the country, the more than 50 airports in Norway and extensive list of carriers makes it relatively simple to create a vacation itinerary that suits you.

Norway's fascinating history provides visitors with many places to visit, sights to see, and attractions to tour, along with outdoor activities including skiing, fishing, dog sledding, and attending a variety of annual music festivals. Some popular destination cities for Norway flights include the capital city of Oslo, Bergen (the second-largest city), Trondheim, Kristiansand, Tromso, and Stavanger.

Vacation packages including cheap flights to Norway are often available through a travel agent and through individual airlines’ booking system. With either option, you can arrange to fly to Norway and take advantage of many of the special discount deals for travel packages offered throughout the year, especially during the off-season and sometimes during the holidays as well.

Booking an inclusive vacation package through a travel agent or airline typically includes airfare to Oslo, hotel accommodations, and a rental car. Additional discounts may apply when making Norway flights that include special tour packages, ski resort packages, or group packages.

To take advantage of offers for cheap flights to Norway, consider flying mid-week or booking your flight during the winter off-peak season of January through March, which incidentally is one of the best times to see the Northern Lights. Comparing prices among airlines for the best deals is wise, as is considering the possibilities of flying into an alternate city such as Stockholm or Copenhagen and traveling to Oslo by train.

Booking an Oslo flight brings you into Oslo International Airport, the largest airport in Norway. Travelers remaining in the city can rent a car at their airport or have a car reserved ahead of time. Travelers also have the option of using the airport bus or train, public and private taxis, or public bus transportation to travel to the center of Oslo.

Travelers arriving at Oslo International will find a sleek, modern airport terminal where you can transfer to your connecting flight or arrange for an Oslo flight connecting to other airports within the country or neighboring countries quickly and easily. Oslo International has daily flights to the numerous domestic airports and also provides services to more than 30 European cities daily with direct flights. The many possibilities for flying to Norway make it easy to plan the Norwegian vacation of your dreams on whatever budget you have.



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