Geirangerfjord is so exceptionally beautiful that it is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The spectacular surroundings were made during the ice age, when glaciers carved out the dramatic landscape, and visitors can see the fjords and waterfalls from the deck of a boat or the seat of a kayak. There are many ways to enjoy the landscape, including activities that are either adventurous or relaxing. Cruises are a popular option for exploring the Geirangerfjord Norway, and they often include excursions as well. Rafting, kayaking, bicycling, fishing, or hiking are all excellent ways to enjoy the surroundings. Whether you’re looking to explore independently or follow the instructions of a qualified guide, both options are available. One of the most popular lookout points in the area is at the top of the mountain Dalsnibba, four miles away from Geirangerfjord. The summit can be reached by car, and even in summer, Dalsnibba is covered with snow.

The waterfalls in Geirangerfjord are perhaps the fjord's most stunning feature. Water thunders over mountainsides in a few impressive locations, including the Seven Sisters, the Suitor, and the Bridal Veil falls. When you approach the falls, a rainbow of colors appears in the mist. For travelers not arriving on a cruise ship, the Trollstigen Mountain Road is an adventure in itself. You’ll see every waterfall and steep mountain slope from this challenging road. The nearest airport to Geirangerfjord Norway is in Alesund, and from there it is possible to rent a car and explore on your own. Kayaks and bicycles are available to rent or you could join a tour group. The climate of the area is mild, and even in winter conditions aren’t too bad. The high elevation of surrounding mountains makes for excellent skiing conditions. Check in to a hotel or rent your own private cabin and spend some time exploring the many beautiful faces of the Geirangerfjord.

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