The Hardangerfjord is the second-longest fjord in Norway and the third-longest fjord in the world, at 111 miles. Located in the heart of western Norway, the fjord attracts visitors for cruises, hiking, and skiing. Impressively, at its deepest Hardangerfjord is more than 2,600 feet deep. A nearby glacier, Folgefonna, has become well-known for summer skiing. It is remarkable that in the same area where you can ski year-round, a beautiful spring fruit tree blossom occurs as well. Cherries, pears, apples, and plums make the springtime one of the most magnificent to visit the area. The most popular way to reach Hardangerfjord Norway is on a cruise. Cruises along the Norwegian coastline reveal the variety of landscapes of the fjords. Other travelers choose to reach the fjord independently, sometimes as part of a trip to nearby Bergen, 25 miles away.

Hardangerfjorden can be explored by many types of boats, including yachts, ferries, sailboats, or small fishing boats. Local guides operate tours that bring you to romantic fishing villages, through narrow straits, and past great waterfalls. Folgefonna glacier is the third-largest glacier on mainland Norway, and visitors arrive for glacier climbing, cross-country summer skiing, and the incredible views from the slopes. Hardangerfjord Norway also offers many activities for adventurous travelers who don’t want to get out on the water or ski. An abundance of well-marked trails for bicycling and hiking will make you want to extend your vacation. Only a five-hour drive from the capital city of Oslo and one hour drive from the cultural capital of Bergen, a trip to Hardangerfjord can be combined with exploring other areas of the country. Known as a region of contrasts, it is possible to enjoy a range of weather and activities during just one trip.


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