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With the trail crunching underneath your feet, Norway hiking will you expose you to a variety of landscapes. Fjords, mountains, waterfalls, and national parks can all be explored with the help of a good map or a local tour guide. There is a hike in Norway for every type of traveler, whether you're interested in a casual stroll along a mountain pass or a vigorous five-hour hike leading to a fjord. This type of hiking shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, and proper equipment is necessary. Conditions can change very frequently along the trails as well, so you’ll want to be prepared, despite what the weather forecast may say. A trip to Norway could combine an array of adventure activities in addition to hiking, such as kayaking, bicycling, and skiing.

Norway backpacking is popular for many reasons. On a basic level, the landscapes are stunning and provide an excellent backdrop for a day spent with nature, but there must be more than this to attract the level of hikers Norway sees each summer season. Trails in Norway are well-maintained and have excellent markings. For the serious hiker, this means the ability to go deep into the wild and be able to depend on signs and maps. Norway hiking is also enhanced by the number of lodges that link certain trails. This means that hiking enthusiasts could head out for days at a time, knowing that accommodation (other than camping) will be waiting for them.

Some of the best places to hike in Norway are the national parks, and Jotunheimen National Park is the most popular place in the country to hit the trails. This mountainous area offers a variety of trails, appropriate for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. The best hiking trails in Norway are found here, and the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe is a popular attraction as well. Fishing is another popular activity in this national park. Offering a different type of Norway hiking experience, Jostedalsbreen National Park is known for its variety of landscapes, from lush valleys to bare mountains and finally, the stark blue tinge of glaciers.

Norway backpacking is also popular in Dovrefjell National Park, home to challenging terrain. It is recommended that visitors arrive with proper equipment and either join a tour group or have a quality map to explore this mountainous park. Hikes can be steep and unstaffed huts can be at great distances from each other. Hiking tours can be a great introduction to a variety of locations and offer a bit of support for the less-experienced hiker. Popular in the summer months of July through September, a hike in Norway is often combined with other excursions such as a ride on the Flam Railway.

The benefit of booking a tour for Norway backpacking is similar to booking a cruise: You know what the price will be. For travelers on a budget, these types of hiking tours generally include accommodation, food, excursions, and guides, but be sure to read the fine print to know exactly what is included in your particular tour. Whether you decide to traverse the glaciers or gaze down at the fjords, hiking is a great way to get close to the famous Norwegian landscape.

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