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Traveling through Norway on a budget can be an exciting adventure, and with a wide variety of Norway hostels available, visitors need only to plan a few stops and make reservations in advance to ensure a stress-free holiday on a shoestring. Those in search of cheap accommodation in Norway will find a host of options available, including campsites, cabins, and of course, hostels. Staying in this type of lodging offers visitors a unique chance to meet fellow travelers, as well as get advice about the best places to go for dining and sightseeing from locals, which often adds destinations to your itinerary beyond the most famous attractions, such as the fjords or the Flam Railway.

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway, and as such it offers guests a slew of choices in accommodations. Several Oslo hostels are located in and around the city, offering updated and comfortable beds and rooms, and some locations even include breakfast. Ronningen Youth Hostel and Holtekilen Hostel are two of the Oslo hostels which are open only during the summer months, while Anker Hostel and Haraldsheim Youth Hostel are both open throughout the year; Haraldsheim, in fact, has a 24-hour reception desk, which makes it especially convenient if you’re arriving late at night or very early in the morning. Perminalen is located at the center of the city, and while the prices are a bit higher than other Oslo hostels, they provide guests with more amenities and services as well, including accommodations for individuals with special needs.

Second to Oslo in size, the city of Bergen offers a considerable assortment of Norway hostels. Among the most popular are the Bergen YMCA, Intermission, Marken Gjestehus, and the Bergen Montana Family and Youth Hostels. Bergen Montana is open throughout the year, with varied prices during the low and high travel seasons. The YMCA hostel in Bergen offers accommodations only during certain months of the year, and hours can be limited in some seasons, so it’s best to check ahead if this is your first choice among the places to stay.

Another hostel in Bergen with limited hours and availability is Marken Gjestehus (pictured), which is open for most of the year, offering varying hours throughout and for shorter periods on Saturday and Sunday. Intermission, open only during the summer months, is a Christian hostel in Bergen that offers some of the lowest prices in the city. While staying at a hostel in Bergen, guests are sure appreciate the cleanliness of the establishment as well as the friendliness of the staff; these budget accommodations still ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.

Several other cities throughout the country offer a great deal of various kinds of cheap accommodations, including Trondheim, Alesund, Stavanger, and Lillehammer. These cities not only offer excellent venues for comfort and safety, but they allow travelers an opportunity to take advantage of the waiting adventure in the natural surroundings. From Kristiansand to Tromso, visitors will enjoy the warm welcomes at the many Norway hostels and are sure to come away with wonderful memories of their vacation. Norway has some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world, including its national parks, fjords, and the Northern Lights, and the money saved on lodging can often go toward adding additional tours and excursions to an already exceptional trip.

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