National parks offer visitors the chance to see some of Norway’s most spectacular landscapes in an intimate way. While cruises around the fjords are spectacular, seeing them on foot might be even more breathtaking. One place to do so is Jostedalsbreen, in the Sognefjord area. Norway’s longest fjord provides some stunning backdrops, as well as opportunities to get involved in some adventurous activities. This national park is home to the Jostedal glacier, called Nigardsbreen. This national park is known for the variety of landscapes it offers in short distances. Visitors can experience green valleys, sparse mountain areas, and blue glaciers all during one hike. Of all the glaciers in Norway, the glacier of Jostedalsbreen is the largest on the European mainland. Daily guided glacier walks make the Jostedal Glacier National Park accessible to families and experienced glacier hikers alike. For independent travelers, maps with hiking and walking routes are readily available.

This national park offers a variety trails for hiking, walking, or bicycling. Unlike some parks, such as Dovrefjell, that are recommended only for experts, Jostedalsbreen has options ranging from simple one-hour walks to strenuous five-hour hikes. Fantastic views of the fjord are the reward for some of the longer, more strenuous routes. For families and groups, the Jostedal glacier is accessible by tour or by hiring a guide. These glacier walks have the added benefit of providing a bit of history and context to what you are seeing. Tours are conducted in a variety of languages, but they are usually widely available in English and German. Glaciers in Norway will play tricks on the eyes—it is almost difficult to comprehend how neon-blue they can appear. Mountain lodges are available around the Sognefjord, and nearby accommodation is recommended as there is so much to see in this national park, you may want to spend more than a day hiking its trails and enjoying its views.


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