With all the variety of outdoor activities across Norway, it might seem hard to pinpoint the most popular. Jotunheimen National Park takes this title however, as it is the single most popular outdoor attraction in the country. Norway’s highest mountains and glaciers are located at Jotunheimen, and hiking and fishing are both popular activities. Mountain climbers from around the world arrive at Hurrungane Range, with peaks at more than 6,500 feet high. Jotunheimen Norway is home to many comfortable mountain lodges that make exploring the national park over a week’s time convenient and enjoyable. The peak time to visit is the short summer season, from July through September. During this time, the exceptional range of trails will be explored by a number of travelers, though the paths never reach an uncomfortable capacity. Sometimes combined with cruises of the Sognefjord, hiking in Jotunheimen draws many visitors looking for fresh air, stunning landscapes, and beautiful wildflowers.

The highest and most scenic mountain pass is located in Jotunheimen. One of the most popular hiking routes in the national park, this short stroll attracts travelers of every fitness level. The truly adventurous will enjoy the opportunity to hike from mountain cabin to mountain cabin over the course of many days. Fishing in Jotunheimen is a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon, and the abundance of mountain fish often make this a rewarding experience. Unlike Dovrefjell National Park, which is only recommended for experts, Jotunheimen Norway has options for families and short, easy strolls. Nearby is Jostedalsbreen National Park, where you can see the blue ice of ancient glaciers. Hiking in Jotunheimen is typically the top choice for locals and visitors alike. The most popular hiking area in the country has well-marked trails, maps available for all visitors, and even guided tours for those who would like a bit of direction as they head out into Norway’s wild landscapes.

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