Lillehammer Hotels

Within the Oppland County of Norway, surrounded by mountains and the beauty of nature, Lillehammer is a picturesque town consisting of a large convergence of wooden structures, causing the town to blend with its surroundings. Each of the Lillehammer hotels offers a unique atmosphere in addition to a charming experience that will fit perfectly with your vacation to Norway. Depending on your budget and taste in hotels, finding the right Lillehammer accommodation will require a bit of research, but you should have no trouble finding options to suit you.

Rica, Radisson, and Clarion maintain the highest standards of luxury and reputation among Lillehammer hotels. The Rica Victoria (pictured) is located at the center of town, and guests can still visit the older wing of the establishment for a short walk through its historical beauty. The on-site restaurant, Victoriastuen, serves each meal with a dash of elegance. Also situated at the center of Lillehammer, the Radisson SAS offers guests a private garden, featuring a mini-golf course and playground; in addition, guests can enjoy leisure, fitness, and fine cuisine at the hotel. Capitalizing on the appeal of a home away from home, Clarion Collection Hotel Hammer is built in the fashion of a townhouse with several rooms available for visitors. Each of these hotels, while are all toward the high end of the spectrum with respect to prices, offers more than luxury, as guests are within walking distance of many popular attractions and shopping centers in the city.

Lillehammer hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics, and its appeal as a ski town has only grown in popularity since the games were completed. Travelers seeking Lillehammer accommodation of this variety will find plenty of choices. Ski lodges vary in prices but still remain in the more luxurious category; however, it’s well worth the expense. For instance, GudbrandsGard Hotel in Lillehammer is a fairly new mountain lodge, offering access to many activities, from ski trips to golfing. The Thon hotels are also excellent choices for Lillehammer luxury hotels, and the prices vary as well, with some approaching the mid-range hotels.

For visitors who are on a smaller budget or who would rather save their money for activities such as skiing, tours, or hiking trips, there are numerous mid-range and budget level options. Near the bus and train station, a long-established hotel in Lillehammer, First Hotel Breiseth, offers charming décor as well as comfort and convenience for a moderate price. Stasjonen Hostel is another option for accommodation located near the train station. Travelers who prefer Lillehammer hotels that are close to the transportation options are sure to be pleased with the array of hotels near the bus and train station, which offers easy access to other parts of the region.

Travelers seeking less traditional Lillehammer accommodation might consider the campgrounds and cabins; they are excellent lodging options that will completely embrace an outdoor experience focusing on the mountains and the town’s natural setting. Hostels and home stays also offer guests an insider’s familiarity with locals and other travelers, and many times, visitors can enjoy the local style of home cooking. A farm vacation is another way to experience life in this part of Norway, as well as spend time with the farm animals and enjoy the nearby activities, such as hiking.

This lovely city offers a varied selection of accommodations, and travelers are sure to find their perfect choice among the many hostels, mountain resorts, hotels, and apartments. Whether you prefer an outdoor experience or a vacation in the lap of luxury, each hotel in Lillehammer offers a unique set of accommodations and amenities sure to complete the charm of your vacation to Norway.



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