National Parks in Norway

Norway adventure travel tops many tourists' list of reasons to visit this Scandinavian country. While some visitors arrive for the culture of Bergen or the history of Oslo, it is the dramatic landscapes that usually come to mind when people think of Norway. A land of fjords, waterfalls, and glaciers, outdoor activities in Norway dominate the tourism industry. Hiking, fishing, bicycling, and all sorts of boating draw travelers from far and wide into the stunning Norwegian landscape. Whether you arrive on a cruise ship, plane, or have rented a car to explore the variety Norway has to offer, the adventurous traveler in you won’t be disappointed.

National parks in Norway are some of the best places to get involved in the adventure. Protected by law, these areas are undisturbed and showcase the country's natural beauty. Local residents have pride in these areas, and visitors are encouraged to be respectful of the landscape and always remove trash and any other materials they bring into the parks. Mountain lodges offer reasonably priced accommodation to those who want to spend their entire trip exploring the wild. Excellent maps of hiking trails, daily glacier walks, and tour guides will all ensure a safe and exciting excursion to the Norwegian national parks.

Of all the national parks in Norway, the most visited is Jotunheimen. An excellent place for hiking, this national park is home to the highest mountains and glaciers in the country. It offers walks and hikes for a variety of fitness levels and is a good place for families to explore. Norway adventure travel is at its peak here, with fishing and challenging hikes available as well. The highest and most scenic mountain pass in all of Northern Europe is located here as well, making it a must-see for nature lovers partaking in the variety of outdoor activities in Norway.

Jostedalsbreen is another of the popular national parks in Norway. Glaciers are easily explored in this location, and many visitors are surprised by the shade of blue that glaciers display up close. For visitors who like a variety of scenery during a hike, this national park would be a good fit. Rewarding hikes range from simple one-hour journeys to strenuous five-hour hikes. Located near the magnificent Sognefjord, adventurous activities are often paired with a sail or cruise throughout the narrow passages of the famous fjord.

One of the most challenging places for Norway adventure travel is Dovrefjell National Park. This mountainous area is only recommended for experienced and well-equipped travelers. Unstaffed huts are located at great distances from each other, and weather forecasts can be unreliable. In the winter, cross-country skiing is the sport of choice here, and the views from the peaks are worth the effort. Located a little more than three hours from Trondheim, this national park can be part of a larger tour of the country. Outdoor activities in Norway are plentiful, and often the most difficult choice is having to pick which activity to enjoy first.



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