Norway Northern Lights

No matter what you’ve read or how many photographs you’ve seen of the Northern Lights, viewing them with your own eyes will remain an unforgettable experience. Seeing Aurora Borealis in Norway remains a top reason that travelers choose to visit this Scandinavian country, and whether you see them from the cable car in Tromso or peering out at the edge of Europe at the North Cape, they will delight, inspire, and confuse your senses. The Norway Northern Lights remain one of the most fantastic displays in the world, and in recent years, they have been made more accessible than ever.

If you’re going hunting for your mystical moment, it is best to travel to Norway during October, February, and March. These months during late autumn and early spring result in the best observations of this stunning phenomenon. Between 6 pm and 1 am, the Norway Northern Lights are at their most brilliant. An increased interest of foreign tourists to visit Norway and see Aurora Borealis has led to more options for travelers. You can now book a Norway Northern Lights cruise at a much better price than any other time in history. These opportunities are limited however, and it is wise to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

There are other measures you can take to increase your likelihood of seeing Aurora Borealis in Norway. It is best to avoid the full moon, as well as any cities where light may detract from the full measure of the show. This requirement to be away from light has led to the development of a variety of choices and tours to combine with seeing the Northern Lights. While a Norway Northern Lights cruise is the most popular choice, there are also more adventurous options. A guided snowmobile safari will bring you away from any light interruption and into the remote blackness of Norway. Another popular choice would be to combine a dog-sledding expedition with your desire to see the Norway Northern Lights.

Be sure that you dress warmly for these adventurous events. These tours will take you to the best locations where the lights are at their most pronounced. There is no guarantee that you will see Aurora Borealis in Norway, as weather conditions can be unpredictable. This factor means that a savvy traveler will schedule more than one opportunity to see the lights into their itinerary. If only one day is scheduled for seeing the lights and bad weather occurs, visitors may return home very disappointed.

It is recommended to stay in the area to see the lights for at least a week, if not two. This way you are almost guaranteed the opportunity to see this natural phenomenon. Sometimes seeing them can be a test of patience, but the reward is a great one. A Norway Northern Lights cruise will specialize in providing this experience to their guests and will keep an eye out for them if your patience runs out. To see Northern Lights in Norway is to have a complete experience of the beauty of the country, from the fjords, to the national parks, to one of the best-known natural phenomena on the planet.

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