The capital of Norway, Oslo offers a unique city break. Oslo has all the components of a cosmopolitan city, and yet it offers incredible accessibility to nature and outdoor activities. Travelers don’t have to choose nature over culture or vice versa during a trip to Oslo. World-class opera, hiking, and dining can all take place in the same day during Oslo vacations. Seasonal offerings may be particularly tempting at certain times of the year, but whether it is skiing or boating that intrigues you about Norway’s capital, the city delivers atmosphere, culture, and stunning scenery.

Travel to Oslo is simple regardless of whether it's by air, boat, or rail. The main airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, is located 28 miles north of the city. As the major airport in Norway, it serves more than 100 domestic and international destinations. Travel to Oslo from the airport is simplified by an express train that runs directly to the city center. Express buses, local trains, car rentals, and taxis are other transportation options as well. Many visitors also find themselves in Oslo as part of larger cruises in the region. A popular cruise destination, the boat docks are within walking distance of many of Oslo’s top attractions including the Opera House, the Nobel Peace Center, and the Royal Palace.

While some Oslo vacations are cruise-based, there are enough attractions and plenty of hotels in the city to warrant a lengthier stay. For travelers with historical or political interests, the Stortinget (Parliament of Norway) is worth visiting. The parliament building was established in 1884 and was designed by a Swedish architect who combined a variety of styles in its design. Another popular attraction is the Oslo Opera House. The building is a recent addition to the city, with construction completed in 2007 and the first production taking place in April 2008. Today, the impressive structure is home to the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet and can seat 1,350 people.

Oslo vacations are sure to include outdoor activities. A truly green city, more than half of the municipality is covered with forests and parks. Visitors will be interested to know that the climate in Oslo is much milder than its northern location might suggest. Summer temperatures are warmer than many visitors expect and provide the ideal atmosphere for hiking, bicycling, fishing, and kayaking. For visitors who are interested in seeing the famous Norwegian landscapes, Oslo is a great starting point. Part of the more than 60-mile Oslofjord, the area offers plentiful options for boat trips.

Travel to Oslo can include a variety of pleasures including scenery, outdoor activities, cultural events, and fine cuisine. Whether you choose one of the Michelin-rated restaurants or visit a gourmet market to pick up supplies for a picnic in one of the city's many parks, you’ll be impressed by the culinary offerings. Typical Norwegian specialties that you may encounter on menus include salmon and reindeer. A variety of seafood restaurants can be found near the harbor, and reasonable, informal restaurants can be found in the Youngstorget area. Pubs and nightclubs are numerous throughout the city, and many visitors will be surprised at the amount of concerts on offer on any given night. Music including jazz and blues is popular throughout the city. Many visitors to Oslo continue on to explore other areas of Norway, including the famous fjords. From Oslo, visitors can fly to Bergen, known as the gateway to the fjords, to experience more of the stunning landscapes Norway has to offer.


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