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As the capital and largest city in Norway, Oslo offers a slew of activities, attractions, and accommodations. The diverse selection of Oslo hotels provides visitors with the ability to choose the perfect Oslo lodging to suit their tastes and budget, no matter what their vacation priorities are. From inexpensive hostels to luxury hotels in Oslo, travelers can find any number of options that can help them create the perfect vacation in Norway.

Planning on a budget can be challenging at times, but the Oslo hotels ensure that it will be an adventure, as there are so many options within every price range. Hostels are an excellent option for group and single travelers on a budget; here, visitors will find individual beds and double rooms for rent. In addition to a comfortable night’s rest, guests of a budget Oslo accommodation will have the chance to meet fellow travelers as well as locals, who can often give some tips on the best local attractions, activities, or nightlife. Oslo is home to six hostels located in and around the city, among them Perminalen, though somewhat pricier than other hostels, offers higher standards as well as accommodations for special needs individuals. Its location in the city center is also convenient for walking to many of the things to do in Oslo.

Norway is an excellent destination for those interested in getting in touch with nature, and there’s no better way to explore the adventurous side of the area than camping. And for those who would rather have a roof over their heads, many of the campsites near Oslo also offer cabins for guests. Bogstad and Oslo Fjord Camping are two excellent options, offering prime locations and access to plenty of activities, such as hiking. Keep in mind that some campsites do not offer cabins, and additionally, there are some that have strict hours and rules for activities, so check ahead to ensure it suits your itinerary.

Visitors in search of a cheap Oslo hotel will find an abundance of options; these hotels offer a slightly different style of accommodations than their more expensive counterparts. Similar to hostels, they often have shared bathrooms, so guests should be aware that while the room will be quite comfortable and private, there may be several rooms sharing facilities. Thon Munch and Thon Astoria are two well-known options for hotels in Norway, and the chain spans the whole spectrum of prices, from a cheap Oslo hotel to first-class luxury, making it easy to choose from among a range of options.

While staying in a cheap Oslo hotel may be easy on the pocketbook, it may not be quite what some visitors have in mind for their Oslo Norway vacation. Carlton, Thon, and Radisson SAS (pictured) all offer mid-range hotels that can allow travelers to balance their desire for comfort with their budget, thus saving money for activities such as tours, museums, and cruises. If you’re looking for particularly unusual Oslo accommodation without spending too much, consider the MS Innvik, which is a ship with an onboard bed and breakfast that features theatrical entertainment.

Sometimes a vacation requires the epitome of luxury, and an Oslo accommodation can easily meet the expectations of travelers who are seeking the highest-quality hotels in the country. Among the choices is the Thon Hotel Bristol, a long-standing traditional establishment completed in 1920. Hotel Continental Oslo, Grand Hotel Oslo, and Grims Grenka are three other options for hotels with plenty of amenities and services, and Carlton and Radisson SAS also offer more luxurious hotels.

Oslo is one place to definitely include on the itinerary for a Norwegian vacation, and as it’s home to the country’s main airport, it’s where most visitors often start their trip. Finding Oslo hotels to suit your ideal vacation in mind can be nearly as exciting as going on the vacation itself—there are enough choices to please even the most discerning tourists.



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