Norway Resorts

Norway resorts often offer excellent accommodation for getting out on the slopes. Cross-country and downhill skiing are both popular options, and Norway is known for its excellent ski conditions. While many people come to Scandinavia to see the fjords and cruise along the Norwegian coast, skiing is also a major attraction. Ski resorts in Norway add a bit of luxury to a ski vacation with a relaxing space to retreat to after an adventurous day. Since hosting the winter Olympic Games in 1994, Norway has gained more exposure as a popular ski destination, and its popularity has remained into the 21st century.

Lillehammer was the Norwegian city that hosted the Olympics, and today it benefits from modern facilities and excellent transportation connections. Norwegian ski resorts developed here after the games, and Hafjell is a popular choice among them. Formerly the site of the Olympic slalom events, it is now the site of both a ski school and fun ski runs that are appropriate for amateurs through experts. Of all the Norway resorts, the biggest one is Trysil, with more than 30 lifts and 42 miles of ski runs. It is also a popular choice for families as it is home to a good ski school.

If you’re looking for sophisticated ski resorts in Norway, Geilo might be a good match. As one of the country’s oldest ski resorts, it is home to some elegant accommodation choices, and express lifts make the skiing at Geilo a lot of fun as well. For those travelers who are looking to combine a bit of skiing with landscapes, there are Norwegian ski resorts that have both. For instance, Strandafjellet is located in the Sunnmore Alps, and the lifts bring skiers to a height of more than 4,000 feet. The view over the mountains and fjords from this height is a magical experience.

Labeling the best resort in Norway is definitely a subjective opinion, but many skiers agree on the quality of Hamsedal. As one of the country's largest skiing areas with 22 lifts and more than 40 slopes, it is a perennially popular resort destination. With trails appropriate for skiers of all ages and abilities, this is always listed as a top choice among Norway resorts.

For particularly adventurous traveler, one of the ski resorts in Norway is located above the Arctic Circle. Narvik is a resort that is home to one of the most intense vertical runs in the country. With spectacular views over the Ofotfjord, this resort combines adventure with scenery as well. The extreme northern location of Narvik means that visitors are also not far from opportunities to see the Northern Lights.

While Norwegian ski resorts are the most popular choice for travelers, resorts are also available for those who are interested in summer activities. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, and mountain climbing are all popular activities in the short summer. Mountain lodges and resorts can add a cozy touch to an adventurous vacation, and they often feature local cuisine as well. People traveling in groups or planning on staying for extended periods may find discounts available. For the top ski resorts it is wise to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment; resorts are often similar to cruises and can offer the same level of comfort and luxury to travelers who are looking to make the most of their Norwegian holiday.

Image: Hemsedal/Nils Erik Bjørholt
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