Sognefjord is Norway’s longest fjord, and some would argue it's also the most spectacular. One arm of the fjord, Naeroyfjord, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its beauty. A Sognefjord cruise is a popular option for exploring the area. Smaller boats and ferries can reach the narrowest passages, landscapes that most people will never get to see in their lives. Most boat services run from the beginning of May through the end of September, and some vessels operate year-round. The area around the fjord is one of Norway’s most popular hiking areas. Hiking maps and well-marked trails make it simple to embark on a hike independently. Bicycling is also a common activity. Rallarvegen, the Navy Road, is a common route for cyclists. More than 20,000 cyclists traverse this route during the short season of July through September. At 50 miles in length, Rallarvegen follows the Bergen railway from mountains down to the stunning fjord.

Sognefjorden Norway offers other ways to get out on the water beyond cruises. Kayaking offers an intimate opportunity to paddle in between icebergs and near waterfalls. Kayaking tours will bring you up to the steep sides of Sognefjord, providing a whole new perspective on their dramatic formation. Fishing trips are another option. An abundance of mountain trout makes this an exciting activity. For the big spender, helicopter tours are an incredible way to see the fjord. Sognefjord is centrally located, especially for travelers who are exploring Norway as a whole. Driving times to nearby cities include two and a half hours to Bergen, four and a half hours to the capital city of Oslo, and five and a half hours from Trondheim. Many visitors begin their voyage in Bergen, the gateway to the fjords, and find themselves on a Sognefjord cruise. While roads have improved in the last decades, traveling by boat is still the easiest and most convenient, and smooth sailing makes seeing Norway’s treasured fjords from the deck of a boat extremely attractive.

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