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The city of Stavanger is a convergence of old and new structure and culture, and this unique combination is mirrored in the selection of Stavanger hotels in and around the city. Whether travelers are looking to save money on lodging in favor of vacation activities or are looking to splurge on a luxurious room, they are sure to find a place to stay in this fascinating destination. Each type of Stavanger accommodation makes for a unique experience during a stay here, whether you’ve come for the local museums, the hiking opportunities, or the chance to go ice skating in the winter.

Travelers of all kinds often come to see the fjords of Norway, and visitors can find a number of inexpensive accommodations and hotels in Stavanger, such as B&Bs, hostels, and campgrounds. Bed and breakfasts are among the most popular places to stay while on vacation in almost any destination, and Stavanger is no exception. Thompsons and the Folken bed and breakfasts are two that will not break the bank. Folken, open only during the summer months from June to August, is a large dormitory that for the rest of the year is a live music venue, making it a fun and unusual choice for a cheap Stavanger hotel. If you’re considering staying outdoors, Mosvannet is a unique combination of a hostel and campsites catering to visitors during every kind of weather, and Amoy Fjordferie, located near the fjord, offers a diverse selection of rooms and holiday cottages along with breakfast.

If your perfect Stavanger accommodation is more luxurious than the budget options but cheaper than the most expensive, one of the mid-range hotels might be just the thing to complete your vacation. In this range, travelers will find more bed and breakfasts along with home stays and comfortable hotels in Stavanger. Stavanger Bed and Breakfast has been recently updated, offering, of course, breakfast, as well as a light evening meal. Among the Stavanger hotels in this category are Clarion, Comfort Hotel, Victoria Hotel, and Stavanger Iill Hotel. Clarion and Comfort belong to the world-renowned chains of hotels and maintain the reputation of affordable comfort. Rica is quite well known throughout Norway, and as a branch of this company, Victoria Hotel offers comfortable rooms as well as views of the fjord and harbor. Stavanger Iill is another bed and breakfast style, offering unique décor as well as affordability.

Sumptuous surroundings are often part of the ultimate dream vacation, and for these travelers, the Radisson SAS (pictured) and Rica are two of the biggest names among the luxury hotels in Stavanger. The largest hotel in town is the Radisson SAS Atlantic Hotel, which is located near Lake Breiavannet. Also managed by Radisson SAS is the Royal Hotel at the center of town and within easy walking distance of many local attractions. Rica Park and Rica Forum both offer opulent surroundings with rich accommodations and a host of amenities. While the Park Hotel is a bit more of a traditional setting and caters mostly to business travelers, the Forum Hotel offers an updated modern décor along with state-of-the-art recreational equipment onsite.

Any one of these choices among the Stavanger hotels will prove to be a beautiful complement to a perfect Norwegian vacation. Stavanger is an excellent starting point for cruises and fjords tours, and the stunning scenery in the city is sure to have visitors planning a return trip. Norway is known for its scenic fjords and national parks, and if you’re looking to explore them during your vacation, searching for Stavanger accommodation is an excellent way to go.


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