Strommen Norway

Strommen Norway is a perfect example of the rewards of venturing outside major cities when you travel. Visitors almost always head for Oslo, the capital city of Norway, which has an incredible variety of museums and historical attractions, but outside of the city there is much more to learn. The town of Strommen Norway for example, is located only twelve miles from Oslo but is like a different world. The origins of the town include floating lumber and sawmills, giving Strommen a quaint feel. If you’ve always wondered what Norwegian life is like outside of the big city, this is an easy day trip for curious travelers.

To travel to Strommen Norway, visitors typically fly to the Oslo International Airport. This airport is served by a variety of airlines and has frequent connections throughout Europe. Adventurous travelers can rent a car or it is possible to hire a taxi for the final travel to Strommen. Once you arrange for transportation, the next piece of practical planning is to choose a hotel. Reserving a hotel room in advance will ensure you have the type of room you want in this relatively small destination. Some favorite hotels include the Ahus Hotell, Quality Hotel Olavsgaard, and Losby Gods.

While culture fanatics are drawn to the opera house in or the Munch Museum in Oslo, shopaholics are drawn to Strommen. Here, the largest shopping center in all of Norway, Strommen Storsenter is located. This shopping center has been open since 1985 and is the home to over 100 businesses. While women might be interested in Strommen Norway for shopping, men are usually interested for sports. The name of the local soccer team is Strommen IF and they play their matches at one of the biggest attractions in the town, Strommen Stadium. Since 2010, the team has played in the first division of the Norwegian Premier League.

Some budget travelers find visiting Norway and Oslo to be a challenge. While many hotels within the capital city can be prohibitively expensive, there are options outside of the city center. Strommen is a perfect example. Here there are affordable hotels, accustomed to catering to sports fans, which offer both comfort and good prices. It is possible to see all the major sites in Oslo including the Botanic Garden, the National Gallery, the Nobel Peace Center, and more all from a home base in nearby Strommen.

If budget isn’t a concern, another incredible way to explore Norway is by cruise. A cruise through the Norwegian fjords is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that never fails to take the breath away of even the most experienced travelers. The natural beauty in this country is almost unfathomable. From the steep walls and waterfalls of the fjords to the northern lights, Norway is full of surprises at every turn. Whether you decide to explore small towns like Strommen or stick to the big cities like Oslo, you will find the hospitality, culture, and history that Norway has become known for throughout the globe.

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