Stryn is the largest and most extensive ski centre in the entirety of Norway. It is most notable for being a place where you can ski and board long after the traditional winter season has passed. The ski season in Norway can last up to six months, but either way, you will be able to enjoy glacial skiing at the Stryn Summer Ski Centre. Sometimes people forget that there are a number of high-altitude resorts in Norway that allow winter sports enthusiasts to do what they do outside the normal ski season. Stryn has served as a pre-season training center for the likes of Alberto Tomba. There are traditional ski runs in the winter as well, it is just that Stryn is known for having the extended ski season because of the glacier. There are a variety of Stryn Ski Area hotels should you decide to make an more inclusive vacation out of your trip to this resort in the Scottish municipality of Stryn.

The Stryn Summer Ski Centre (or Stryn Sommerski as it is known to speakers of the native dialect) provides guests with a range of runs that will appeal to people of most skill levels. This skiing may not exactly be best suited for those people who are just beginning to learn how to snow ski. The way it works here is that you take one of two lifts up to the Jostedalsbreen Glacier where you proceed to fly down the hill with great velocity. An important note here is that the conditions are much more optimal in the morning when the glacier is still icy and has not turned to slush. By the late afternoon, when the sun and skiers have had their effect on the glacier, it is more difficult to ski and board. So, intermediate level skiers and boarders that wish to try their hand at glacier skiing should attempt to make their way to Stryn as early in the morning as possible. There are six slopes in all, with three designated for intermediates and six designated for advanced and experts.

The top elevation at the Stryn Summer Ski Centre is 3,264 feet with a vertical rise of 2,198 feet. When you see how these two numbers work together you will quickly realize why this is not the place for newbies to get their bearings. It is truly amazing to ski at Stryn. You can take a lift to the top of the mountain, take off your shirt to catch some sun, put the gear back on, and shoot down the glacier. It is a very unique experience indeed. Ski equipment rental, lessons, and a variety of services and features will be readily available at this enviable resort.

There are a variety of Stryn Ski Area hotels within close range of the resort. The Stryn Hotel is a gorgeous alpine hotel located in the lovely riverside town of Nordfjord. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Stryn Hostel where you can expect to find basement prices on lodging close to the ski resort. There are also many individual cottages and rental homes that you can find if you are not so much interested in Stryn Ski Area hotels. One of the best parts of any trip to the Stryn Summer Ski Centre is being able to stay in the vicinity of the resort to enjoy the beautiful landscape. There are no slope-side accommodations at Stryn but plenty nearby.



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