Norway Transportation

The many options for Norway transportation make traveling this stunning country simple. To reach even the farthest towns and islands you’ll have at least one option for domestic flights, ferries, trains, or buses. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could always rent a car and explore at your own pace. If following maps and signs sounds more like than stress than a vacation, the Norway ferries are dependable and promise fantastic views, and some avid travelers would argue that the sights offered by trains in Norway are among the best in the world. However you choose to travel this Scandinavian country, you will be rewarded at every turn.

Some of the most popular Norway transportation isn’t in the form of a plane, train, or bus: Bicycling is one of the most popular activities in the country, and some tours are arranged around it. Trails wind through the forest, maneuver past waterfalls, and offer cyclists great views of the fjords. If you want to get into the water, kayaking can cover some serious ground and show you great perspectives of the fjords. If you had more relaxing water transportation in mind, cruises travel the coast frequently. Norway ferries are another inexpensive option, and some even allow you to bring your rental car aboard for the journey.

Norway ferries are concentrated in the west of the country, where the demand to see the fjords resulted in the development of water transportation. During the summer, ferries can be very crowded and lines might be longer than expected. It is wise to arrive early and book tickets in advance when possible. The high number of ferries makes an entire trip of island-hopping or traveling from fishing village to small town and beyond a real option. These ferries often stop in small towns that cruises sail right past, providing an authentic glimpse into Norwegian coastal life.

A ferry from Norway toward the North Pole is a popular choice. Many visitors arrive hoping to see the Northern Lights, and certain locations in the country are known for delivering. The North Cape and the Svalbard Islands are as far north as civilization extends, and Norway transportation makes both places accessible. Beyond the sea, ferries are also available on the lakes of Norway. The largest lake in the country, Mjosa, is a beautiful place for a ferry ride. The world’s oldest paddle steamer is located here and is a popular attraction for tourists.

Of all the trains in Norway, the most famous is the Flam Railway. This journey is more entertainment than transportation, but is a worthwhile experience. The train travels a steep slope, through tunnels and past waterfalls to provide an exhilarating ride. Other trains in Norway provide good transportation, especially those in close proximity to the capital city of Oslo. While most cities on Norway’s coast can be reached by train, the rides can often exceed ten hours. If you have some time to spare, the journey can be just as fun as the destination. Once you reach the cultural capital of Bergen, you might be glad to hop on a ferry and see the famous Norwegian fjords. Scenery is the main highlight of a trip to Norway, and the transportation of the country ensures you can see a great variety during one trip.



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