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Although it is one of the smaller cities in Norway, Tromso is a business hub and bustling center in the northernmost part of the country, where travelers come to enjoy some of the best views of the beautiful Aurora Borealis. Mid-range hotels in Tromso are abundant, making the city an accessible destination to many travelers. There are also several alternatives to Tromso hotels where budget travelers can find a comfortable night’s sleep, including campsites, cabins, hostels, and a few bed and breakfasts.

Timing is everything when booking Tromso accommodation. Tourist season is in full swing from September to November and then again, in March and April. In early summer, specifically during the Midnight Sun in June, hotels are filled with guests. Planning to travel during the off-season may not be as popular, but visitors will without a doubt save a few extra bucks, and the stay will likely be less hectic, with fewer crowds and more chances to get to know the local lifestyle. Tromso also has access to attractions such as Nordkapp and Svalbard that are popular in the summer for wildlife and in the winter for their views of the Northern Lights.

In Tromso, there is a policy known as the right to access, which means camping is allowed for free anywhere outside of the city limits, so if you are the adventurous traveler, this is always an open option (and a great way to save money on accommodations). Tromsdalen offers cabins of various sizes, including minimalist huts and two-bedroom bungalows—staying here is a great way to experience the beauty of Tromso. Some of the hostels and other accommodations are open only during certain times of the year; for instance, the Youth Hostel and the Fjellheim Sommerhotell are both open during the summer months, so it’s best to check ahead. The Thon Polar Hotel (pictured), Home Sleep, and Sydspissen are also extremely affordable Tromso hotels. If you’d like to get to know the local residents, booking private accommodation is an excellent alternative to a Tromso cheap hotel; guests in a private home will enjoy friendly service, comfortable quarters, plenty of travel advice, and, oftentimes, home-cooked meals.

The Grand Nordic, Clarion Collection With (pronounced "Vitt"), Quality Hotel Saga, the Viking Hotel, and the Amalie Hotel all fall into the mid-range category of hotels in Tromso. For travelers interested in Norwegian history, the oldest Tromso accommodation is the Grand Nordic, which has been recently updated as have several of the other hotels, including Quality Hotel Saga and the Viking Hotel. Although it’s not much to look at, the no-nonsense Amalie Hotel offers comfortable rooms with plenty of space. At many of these moderate hotels, travelers can find discounts and deals during the off-season, as most of them cater to business guests who generally do not travel to the city during the peak tourist season.

Although there are high-quality luxury hotels in Tromso, because of the seasonal discounts many of the prices become quite affordable outside of peak travel times, meaning high-class lodging is within reach for many tourists. Radisson SAS, Rica Ishavshotel, and Clarion Hotel Bryggen are three of the most well known luxury Tromso hotels. Recently updated and expanded, Radisson SAS offers stylish furnishings and décor. Guests can enjoy magnificent views from various parts of the Rica Ishavshotel, including the Skipsbroen Bar and the guest suites. While somewhat smaller than the rest, Clarion is quite modern and conveniently located near shopping and attractions. Each of the luxury hotels in Tromso offers up-to-date amenities and services along with well-appointed rooms.

While the city is not very large, it remains one of the most popular destinations in Norway, and therefore, provides guests with comfort, a variety of entertainment, and the charm of the beautiful natural surroundings. Visitors seeking Tromso accommodation are sure to find choices to suit their tastes and budget that will create lasting memories of their time in this lovely part of Scandinavia.


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