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Norway vacation packages can be an affordable way to see the breathtaking scenery of this Scandinavian country. The most common offer you’ll find for travel deals to Norway is for cruises. There is a range of ships that sail the Norwegian coast, from basic, large vessels to smaller, luxury-focused boats. Don’t rule out any option when you’re researching Norway holiday packages, as you might be surprised at what you find. For example, an inner cabin on a luxury boat might not be booked, and you could wind up sailing the fjords of Norway in style.

Norway holiday packages can also be activity focused. These types of tours typically include accommodation as well, usually in the form of camping, lodges, or bed and breakfasts. Food and all activity costs should be included for these types of tours. If you’ve wanted to explore the Norwegian landscapes on foot, bicycle, or kayak, these types of tours could be a great fit for you. Some Norway vacation deals combine multiple activities and offer visitors the opportunity to try a range of adventure activities including fishing, mountain climbing, and wildlife tours.

If you’re looking for luxury Norway holiday packages, there are choices beyond cruises as well. Mountain lodges and spas can offer a great combination of activity and comfort. You don’t need to be camping to enjoy the fjords, mountains, and waterfalls that have made Norway famous. The past several decades have seen the development of lodges and resorts in national parks that specialize in luxurious adventure vacations. During the short summer season of July through September, deals might be hard to come by as that is when these lodges will be busiest. You can increase your chances of securing a deal by extending your stay or paying up front.

Norway vacation packages are also available in winter, usually for skiing. The various ski resorts throughout the country can offer packages combining accommodation, food, and lift tickets for skiing or snowboarding. Some resorts even include excursions to other ski runs in one price. For families, these travel deals to Norway can be ideal because some include ski lessons for children. At certain resorts, skiing is available year-round and you don’t need to wait for winter to break out your skis. Packages are also available that focus on exposing visitors to the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights. The best months to see Aurora Borealis are October, February, and March. During this time it is best to get away from the lights of a city to see the Northern Lights at their most brilliant. There are many cruises and tours centered on exposing visitors to this natural phenomenon. All in one evening, you could try dog sledding, take a snowmobile ride, and see the lights. Some cruises sail the Norwegian coast all the way to the North Cape offering chances to see the lights. You’ll also encounter fantastic wildlife on this type of cruise, including the chance to see polar bears in their natural environment. In the end, whatever aspect of nature draws you to Norway, there is a vacation package to match.

Vacations in Norway

Vacations in Norway
Vacations in Norway

A cheap Norway vacation is possible thanks to improvements in transportation. Low budget airlines are now flying to the capital city of Oslo from European destinations such as London and Paris. These locations receive a lot of air traffic from the United States, and now it is easy to connect onward to Norway. Affordable domestic flights make a cheap Norway vacation a reality as well. Another tactic if you’re on a budget is to book a package. Cruise ships offer great packages that typically include accommodation, food, and some excursions. This one price may help passengers on a budget to make their dreams of cruising a Norwegian fjord a reality.

A trip to Oslo is usually the beginning of vacations in Norway. The capital city is a great blend of cosmopolitan offerings and adventurous outdoor activities. The city is surrounded by parks and forests, and therefore it is possible to hike and eat a gourmet meal all in the same day. Norway holidays should include a bit of culture, and Oslo is the place to find it. The Opera House is a recognizable landmark, and it offers world-class opera and ballet. There are great museums, spas, and opportunities for shopping in the capital as well. If you’re looking for culture, you may want to plan a Bergen vacation. Known as the cultural capital of Norway, Bergen has a great variety of theater and music year-round.

A cheap Norway vacation might not include everything the country has to offer. For example, some excursions from cruise ships might not be included. The chance to kayak in a fjord or stroll across a mountain pass is one that you shouldn’t pass up, even if it costs a little extra. However, even if you're on a budget, you're still guaranteed a thrilling and memorable trip. Vacations in Norway can combine a variety of locations and activities, from skiing in Lillehammer (home of the 1994 Olympic Games) to visiting a historic cathedral in Trondheim. However you explore Norway, the natural beauty of the country is guaranteed to amaze you.

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