Norway Wildlife Tours

Norway wildlife tours allow visitors to see some of the most adored animals on Earth. The variety of landscapes in Norway results in a rich variety of wildlife as well. Seals, penguins, polar bears, and the rare musk ox can be seen during Norwegian wildlife tours. In some instances, tourists are given the opportunity to combine adventure activities with seeing wildlife. The best example is kayaking among sheets of ice and happening upon a polar bear or seals basking in the sun. These experiences will truly make you feel like you’ve arrived at the ends of the earth, seeing things that most people will go their entire lives without seeing. Another popular excursion is dog sled tours in Norway. These are often combined with attempts at seeing the Northern Lights, and no sight could be as beautiful as Aurora Borealis from the seat of a dog sled.

Dog sled tours in Norway aren’t the only way to see the Northern lights. They can also be seen as part of a snowmobile tour, or cruise. For all Norway wildlife tours it is necessary to dress warmly, even more warmly than you may think. Some Norwegian wildlife tours take place in national parks, where rare animal and plants can be seen. The musk ox can be seen in the Dovrefjell National Park, and it is a fascinating creature. One benefit of tours is the local knowledge by experts who know where to find these rare creatures. If you are hiking independently, you should be advised to stay a safe distance from the ox, as it is a faster animal than it looks and has been known to become agitated by the presence of visitors. The variety of wildlife you’ll encounter on tours is as wide as the variety of landscapes Norway has to offer.



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