Poland is home in the center of Europe and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Polish travel takes you back in time throughout history as far back as ancient medieval times through castles, up through history to World War II with concentration camps, and to modern times with unique shopping center and excellent Polish cuisine.

Poland attractions of course encompass castles such as the Wawel Castle in Krakow and Malbork in Malbork. Along with these castles being popular Poland attractions, the Wawel Castle even has a legend of the Wawel Dragon that is quite exciting. You can visit the dragon’s lair and learn about the brave soul that slew the dragon.

Not all of Poland’s history is as exciting and bright as the tale of dragons being slain, but are very dark. Tourism in Poland can include a visit to Auschwitz concentration camp where many Jews, Gypsies, and other prisoners were killed in large gas chamber and buried in mass graves. Some people include the various concentration camps on their agenda for the Poland vacations, while other would prefer to see the beauty that Poland has to offer instead of the their struggles.

Poland has had many struggles staying a united country, even a few times throughout history; there was no Poland so to speak. The country was under the control of neighboring countries. However, this did not keep the Polish people down and today their culture and pride still lives on and can be see through Poland attractions that dot the countryside.

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland is the heart of tourism in Poland. Here you will find the majority of hotels, bed & breakfast, and hostels. Along with great accommodations, you will also enjoy the various Poland attractions and the great traditional cuisine. A visit to Old Town must be included in all Poland vacations where you will embark on a beautiful part of the city that offers restaurants and vendors along the cobblestones streets.

Polish travel takes many to the Tatra Mountains. This is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world, however, during the rest of the year the countryside is full of spectacular color with various plants and flowers.

From seaside resorts such as you would find in Gdansk to festivals such as the Sopot International Song Festival in Sopot, your Poland vacations can be just as fun filled, as you would like or as quiet and relaxing as you might desire.

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