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Flights to Poland are pretty easy to find at a variety of prices, however, if you are searching for cheap flights to Poland then you should book your vacation during the off-season. The winter months is usually the best time to find cheap flights to Poland, however, this is the best time for winter sports enthusiasts especially skiers. The peak months for visitors are from May to September. During July and August, you will have a hard time finding Poland flights at all, unless you book in advance or wish to pay the highest rate going.

Polish airlines are found at the main airports along with many international airlines to Poland. The airport in the heart of the Tri-City area offering visitors the chance to step foot on the ground that is known as the powerkeg that began World War II and also the same place that communism was toppled in the city of Gdansk. Poznan airport known as Henryk Wieniawski Airport is nearby one of the most popular attractions in the area, Lake Malta. Lake Malta is a wonderful vacation area with many outdoor activities including golf. The Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport places travelers in the capital of Poland with several hotels located nearby the various terminals along with transportation to the Old Town area, one of the greatest attractions in Warsaw with numerous accommodations. Landing at Katowice airport, puts visitors in one of the largest industrial areas in Poland along with several unique attractions such as the The Radio House of Music located at ul. Plebiscytowa 3. Rzeszow airport not only places you in a huge business and educational city in Poland, but also has you nearby many historical attractions such as the palace of Lubomirski which is a short rail ride from the airport. Tourists and bussiness persons alike land at Wroclaw airport. Wroclaw is commonly referred to as the Venice Of Poland due to the fact that Wroclaw is connected by bridges and is scattered among various islands. Here you will be able to embrace the Polish culture through festivals like the Wroclaw NonStop and more. Mant tourist land at the krakow airport to find themselves in the largest and oldest city in Poland. Krakow is the leader in the artistic, cultural, and scienfic world in Poland, giving visitors the chance to explore many attractions incluidng the Wawel Castle. The Szczecin airport is home in what is called the European Route of Brick Gothic, which is a major tourist route connecting 31 cities acorss seven countries.

According to the time you wish to visit, Poland airfare can be drastically different. If you plan to visit during a skiing competition, then of course even during the off-season you should expect to pay more. Summer months is when most families travel due to the fact that children are not in school, once again Poland airfare will be more expensive. However, instead of traveling during the winter months to the ski resort areas, you could opt to visit a city that does not cater to skiers. On the other hand, there might not be much to do in these towns during the snowy and cold winter months, but you could find cheap flights to Poland this way and then travel by car where you might wish to travel.

The most popular frequent flights to Poland include London to Krakow; Chicago, Illinois, USA to Gdansk; Milan, Italy to Krakow; Brussels, Belgium to Warsaw; and Amsterdam, Netherlands to Warsaw. However, there are many flights to Poland from every country in the world landing at all the major airports in Poland.

The Polish airlines do have custom regulations that every visitor should be aware of which include that all items imported or exported from Poland are free from custom duties. If you are visiting from a country outside the EU, you do not have to pay taxes on goods purchased for non-commercial purposes for the amount of 200 cigarettes, 1 liter of spirits or 2 liters of wine. There are strict regulations on all Poland flights regarding the export of animals, and fine art pieces as well as the amount of cash.



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