Barbakan Krakowski

Barbakan Krakowski is a Krakow tourist attraction that has withstood centuries of war and weather to stand today as a remembrance of the defensive barrier encircling the city of Krakow. The Barbakan of Krakow is unlike other barrier throughout Poland with an Arabic architectural design instead of a European design. The medieval circular fortress was added during the end of the 15th century. Barbakan Krakowski was originally built in 1498 with a moated cylindrical brick structure along with an inner courtyard and seven turrets. At one time, the Barbakan of Krakow was connected to the city through the Florian Gate.

The Barbakan Krakowski also known as Rondlem is one of the very few architecture structures of its kind in all of Europe. At the time the defense was built, it was to fortify the northern portion of Krakow against the threat of opposing Turks. The inner circle had a diameter of 24.40 meters with thick brick walls over 3 meters. The Gothic structure had seven holes from which artillery in the bottom to hold off invading troops. The moat around the wall which held water at the time, was another defense mechanism to ensure that Krakow was undefeated against any attacker. Today, many visitors stand in awe at the architectural design and craftsmanship during this time in Europe. There is a small fee for those wishing to visit.

While visiting the various Krakow tourist attractions you may wish to stay at the Pension Barbakan. This unique accommodation is not only a comfortable place to stay in Cesky Krumlov but puts you nearby many Krakow tourist attractions. The inn offers a magnificent view of the Vltava River as well as the unique scenery of Cesky Krumlov. Along with beautiful scenery and wonderful hospitality, the Pension Barbakan is close by the Town Square, the castle, and even the bus station. The Pension Barbakan is in the perfect location for finding all the Krakow tourists attractions and tours around town.

Along with the Barbakan Krakowski, there is a variety of Krakow tourist attractions for visitors to enjoy whether you are staying at the Pension Barbakan or another of the Krakow hotels or hostels in the area. Krakow is home to several museums as well as the location of various festivals including the many carnivals. Krakow alone has a two month carnival season and is of course a very sought after Krakow tourist attraction that draws people from all over the world ending on Ash Wednesday.

Other attractions around Krakow include the Krakow Zoo with over 1400 animals calling the zoo home including various birds. Some of the few animals you will encounter include the Przewalski horse, Somali wild ass, white camel, and several wild cats to name a few.

No matter where you plan to stay or what you plan to do while you are visiting Krakow, the Barbakan of Krakow is an attraction that must not be dismissed. The historical value of this fortress along with its fortitude is one that should be acknowledged. During your Krakow vacation enjoy all the sights and delightful Polish cuisine, you will not believe the enjoyment your palate will experience.



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