Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady Poland is home to the Bieszczady Mountains home in the Carpathian Mountain range. The Poland portion of the range is found between the Lupkow Pass and the Vyshkovskyi Pass. The highest point of the mountains is found at Tarnica on the Polish side and Mt. Pikuy on the Ukraine side.

Visitors from around the world come to Bieszczady Poland for the unspoiled beauty of the mountains, valleys, and the charming quaint village type towns. Bieszczady is home about 200 miles from Krakow or 270 miles from Warsaw with the first small city you reach being Sanok. Sanok offers unique off the beaten path ventures from the delightful food found at the Hotel Jagielonski to the local attractions such as castles, the orthodox cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and biggest skansen in Poland.

Another small village in Bieszczady Poland is Zagorz. The main attraction here is the Carmelite monastery; however, the spectacular beauty of the valley is unmistakably worth the trip. Next, you will find Lesko home to the Solinski Reservoir on your way to one of the largest village in Polish Bieszczady Mountains, Polanczyk that is home on a peninsula south of Solina. Polanczyk has wonderful accommodations for those desiring a bit more than the standards amenities before heading off to visit the Bieszczady National Park.

The Bieszczady National Park is home in the southeastern corner of Poland bordering Ukraine and Slovakia. Today, the park encompasses a large area of land including the villages of Beniowa, Bukowiec, Beniowa, Carynskie, Dzwiniacz, Sokoliki, and Tarnawa with a total of 112.75 square miles. The park along with the Bieszczady Mountains became part of the UNESCO east Carpathian Biosphere Reserve which encompasses 823.21 square miles and does include a portion of Slovakia and the Ukraine.

Wildlife enthusiasts will love not only the beauty of the Bieszczady National Park but also the wonderful array of animals that call the park home. Such mammals as the wolf, Lynx, bear, along with other smaller animals like the beaver and wild boar are abundant.

The park offers a beautiful forest with various paths for cross-country skiing, biking, along with the unique chance to venture off on Hucul horses with the many mountain horse trails that were developed for guest’s pleasure.

Bieszczady Poland has so much to offer for a variety of guests including skiers, nature lovers, and of course, those wishing to escape the noise, crowds of the larger cities, and see an area of Poland that is unspoiled by tourists.

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