Biskupin is just one of the Warsaw tourist attractions that have visitors from around the world coming to this Polish city every year. Biskupin is actually a fortified settlement in Poland, which was inhabited between the late Bronze Age and the Iron Ages. The Biskupin commonly referred to as the Polish Pompeli only had around 900 residents on this island fortress that held the unique construction that draws guests every year. The settlement was created with 13 parallel rows of homes packed so closely together that only one roof was needed for anywhere from 3 to 10 homes. In all, there were 105 homes with a timber road between the rows of homes and one around the homes, which was then surrounded by a wall that was 3 meters high. The unique construction of the exterior wall of the Biskupin settlement was wooden boxes in which the workers filled with dirt and rocks.

Biskupin Poland was discovered and excavated by Jozef Kostrzewsk of Poznan University during the 1930’s. The settlement itself had been preserved very well except for a few of the homes, which were reconstructed to their present state. The excavation began in 1934 but brought about much controversy especially with the Germans whom occupied this area of Poland in 1939. The Germans of course, did not want the Poles to have any credit for having the ingenious architectural skills for holding back invaders and stated that the area had been under German rule since at least the Iron Age. Excavation began again in 1940 until 1942 under Heinrich Himmler. At the time when the Germans retreated from Poland, the Biskupin was flooded. Polish archaeologists began the excavation once again after the war and remained at work until 1974 until the excavation was complete and the settlement was completely revealed.

Today, Biskupin Poland is one of the most popular Warsaw museums and on the top of the list for Warsaw tourist attractions. The Polish museum is open all year from 8am to 6pm except for winter months when it closes at dusk. You will not find another Polish museum that has withstood time as this Warsaw museum, one main reason that it remains one of the best Warsaw tourist attractions. This Warsaw attraction is perfect for history buffs or those with an inqusitive nature that wish to see the remarkable architecture design of the Bronze and Iron Ages.

While you are visiting, you may wish to visit another Warsaw museum such as the Museum of Caricature or the Zamek Ujastowski. However, Biskupin Poland has to be at the top of the list of Polish museums if you love historical finds and especially ones that encompasses centuries.

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