Czestochowa Poland is home in the Jurassic rocks of what is known as Krakow-Czestochowa Upland where you will discover several ruins of medieval castles. Czestochowa is not well known for its beauty, its history, or even the friendliest of locals, but is famous for being the home of the Black Madonna at the Jasna Gora Monastery. The famous monastery and the Black Madonna has been credited with many miracles throughout history, however, the architectural design of the monastery is on the top of the most popular attractions found in Czestochowa Poland.

Czestochowa tourism invites visitors to see all the museums and galleries such as the Pauline Monastery at the Jasna Gora. Here guests can travel back through history with various artworks including the Black Madonna and the offerings that have been given since the 15th century. Throughout the monastery you will see many Czestochowa statues along with royal offerings which were donated by King Augustus III and Queen Bona to name a few. Along with these Czestochowa statues, you will love the beauty of the votives on display in the Treasury, which were also donated by famous Poles such as Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Pope John Paul II.

The Czestochowa Museum is on the must see list of Czestochowa tourism and offers visitors the chance to see regional paintings by Wojciech Weiss, Teodor Axentowicz and more along with various Czestochowa statues depicting the Lusatian culture.

Of course, the monastery and its museum is the most popular attraction in but that is not all there is to see and do. Czestochowa tourism also includes such attractions as the Stanislaw Staszic Park. The park is on the eastern slope of the Jasna Gora hill and has buildings from the time the site was the National Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition in 1909. Also on the eastern side of the hill is the 3rd May Park where you will be able to view 1,581 trees and shrubs, some from the local area of Czestochowa, while others are from South America and Asia.

While you are visiting Czestochowa, do not forget to let your taste buds go on vacation as well by trying the delectable treats found at the local restaurants such as the Karczma u Zagloby that serves traditional Polish foods. The restaurant is home in Old Town. Another great restaurant home in Czestochowa that also serves traditional Polish meals is the Bohema found in northern part of the city in the neighborhood of Osiedle Tysiaclecia.

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