Polish Food

Polish food is a unique cuisine using a delightful mix of ingredients such as caraway seeds, dill, marjoram, sour cream, and wild mushrooms. These items are often found in such dishes as braised meats, sauces, and soups for the enjoyment of the palate. Traditional Polish food always includes a delectable soup with is thick and rich. One soup you will find in Polish dining that goes against the norm is Barszcz, which is a soup that is thin and clear created from beetroot. This dish is usually served in cups with hot pasties that are stuffed with cabbage or meat.

Traditional Polish food includes national specialties such as kabanos, which are long thick sausages; bigos, which is a combination of cabbage, onions, sauerkraut, and any type of meat; pierogi, which are dumplings, stuffed with meat, cheese, fruit, or mushrooms and cabbage; and rolled herring fillets served with onions and pickles. Pastries are among the most popular food in Poland that is a huge treat to visitor’s taste buds. Some of the most popular Polish food in this category includes apple cake called szarlotka, poppy seedcake called makowiec, and jelly doughnuts called packi. The national drinks of Poland are vodka and a strong lager style beer called zywiec.

Polish dining offers not only traditional Polish food but also a variety of international cuisine. Some of the most popular restaurants scattered throughout Poland are in various towns and cities.

Krakow offers many delightful restaurants that accent the food in Poland in an array of dishes. Here you can find Polish dining in old town, Krakow Botanical Gardens, Florianska Gate, and nearby the Wawel Castle. A few of the most popular restaurants serving food of Poland include Batory at the Krakow Botanical Gardens, Panorama nearby the Wawel Castle, and Royal nearby the Wawel Castle, where you will enjoy Polish food.

Warsaw is a food critic’s heaven where you can partake of many of the delectable cuisines from around the world including food of Poland. Warsaw is home to elegant restaurants as well as fast food for those that wish to keep moving to see all the sights around the town. You will enjoy the street stalls offering such delights as falafel, Vietnamese noodles, and even hot dogs. However, if you prefer a nice sit down restaurant with class then you have to visit 99.

No matter where you travel throughout Poland you and your family will be able to enjoy many wonderful meals created with food in Poland including the aromatic ingredients locally grown. Remember, food of Poland is a bit spicy but is a delight for those that enjoy trying a new dish or two.

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