Polish Events

Traveling to Poland during one of the many festivals or holidays can be one that encompasses the culture of Poland while giving you all kinds of fun with Polish events that are celebrated throughout the year. Whether you have chosen Poland as your vacation due to the events in Poland or just for a great getaway, you may wish to travel so you can arrive during one of the Poland festivals or other events. The following information for Poland events should help you plan your vacation.

Constitution Day

Even though May 3 is celebrated throughout Poland as the day that marks the signing of the Polish Constitution in 1791, this is not the exact day that Poland received their independence. The constitution of 1791 only lasted one short year prior to an invasion that divided Poland among Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Finally, in November of 1918, Poland received its independence. This day however, is still an important date that offers visitors a glimpse into the culture and pride of the Polish people with an array of Polish festivals and parades in the larger cities throughout Poland.

St. Stanislaw Procession

This Polish event takes place in Krakow on the first Sunday after May 8. This religious Polish festival is a gathering of all of Poland’s bishops and cardinals. During the festival the bishops and cardinals follow the relics of the patron saints beginning at the Wavel Cathedral and ending at the Skalka sanctuary. Residents from all over Poland join this Polish festival each year.

Krakow Film Festival

Another wonderful Poland festival found in Krakow is the Krakow Film Festival. Polish events occur in Krakow throughout the year however, this one normally occurs the end of May and on into the first week of June. This is the largest festival of this type in all of Poland and has visitors from over Europe participating in the screening of shorts, animations, documentaries, and features.

Mozart Festival

Warsaw is the home of this fabulous Poland event that celebrates the life of this infamous artist. During the entire month, visitors can enjoy the various stage works of Mozart. The Warsaw Chamber of Opera Theatre hosts this tremendous Poland event, which is the world,’s largest of its kind.

Jewish Culture Festival

Polish festivals often are religious festivals due to the Christian influence that is dominate in the culture of Poland. The Jewish Culture Festival began in 1988 as scholarly conference but has grown into one of the most popular Poland events that encompasses synagogue singing, klezmer music and Hasidic, classical, and Jewish folk music.

Wianki is one Poland festival that has been around longer than any Polish events or festivals. This unique Poland festival began during Pagan times and is a celebration that remembers St. John. During the Polish festival, girls wear wreaths made from local flowers with a lighted candle in the center. They walk to the Visitula River where they throw the wreaths into the river. This Polish festival is centered on folklore that explains that if the wreath comes back to the shoreline, the girl that wore the wreath will never marry. On the other hand, if the wreath finds its way down the river, the girl will find her true love and live happily ever after. If the wreath sinks, the girl will die young.

Events in Poland are as vast as is the countryside and no matter when you plan to visit you will be able to find several Poland events and Polish festivals for the enjoyment of your family.

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