Gdansk Poland

When you hear about Gdansk vacations, you more than likely also hear stories about the two towns close by that help to create the Tri-City, Gdynia and Sopot. When visitors arrive for their Gdansk vacations they will not be able to envision the horrific past of this important city throughout history and its major role in Poland’s freedom from communism. World War II was more than just a passing thought for those living in Gdansk, as the entire city was destroyed by not only the German army, but also by Russians and Allied bombers.

During the Communist reign, Gdansk Poland was the home of the Lenin Shipyard and the Solidarity Trade Union. The shipyards today are one of the most popular Gdansk attractions as this is where the negotiations were held in 1980 to create the first independent trade union in Eastern Europe. The Gdansk shipyards and Solidarity memorial are one of the Gdansk tourism attractions that is a must see. As you walk north of the central city from Duga, you will find the shipyards and the 125-foot piece of steel marking the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers.

Gdansk travel has you walking through entire streets that have been reconstructed without a hint of the past devastation except depicted through monuments, museums, and other historical sights. Gdansk is a breath of fresh air with its beautifully restored Old Town and its magnificent relaxed atmosphere that beckons you to rest and relax.

Today, Tri-City, especially Gdansk Poland is a cultural hub of Poland offering a variety of unique museums. While you visit the area, you must include these Gdansk attractions such as the Historic Art Division of the National Museum, which is home in the former Franciscan Monastery dating back to 1555.

Festivals and events play a huge part in Gdansk tourism as many visitors come to the area just for the sheer enjoyment of the activities. The Heineken Opener Festival is one of the most popular Gdansk attractions. This festival is one of the foremost music festivals in all of Europe with headliners such as Snoop Dogg, Franz Ferdinand, and Fatboy Slim in the past.

One of the oldest and possibly the most impressive Gdansk attraction is the St. Dominic’s Fair. The fair began in 1260 with the granting for the Dominican monks to hold a fair in Gdansk by Pope Alexander IV. Today, you will be able to enjoy all the excitement from concerts to amber craftsmen, from games to parades, and more.

Gdansk tourism is a touch of history mixed with the strong cultural ties that has kept this area alive throughout history. The residents of Gdansk Poland are true Poles that have pride in their history, their fortitude, and their industrious nature.

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